Demented modders just added CJ from San Andreas into Stray

This is exactly what happens when you attract some of the more "creative" minds in gaming.

Stray, the action-adventure game by BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive, might have made waves as the first full game to be released on the new PS Plus on its first day on the market, but it's become a fixture on social media right now for a lot of reasons.

Modders Added Cj San Andreas Stray
In the wise and immortal words of CJ, "Ah sh*t, Here we go again."

For one thing, Stray is a legitimately good game. Many reviews can't help but throw praise at a game that could teach AAA studios a thing or two.

But, because Stray also came out on the PC, modders have had a field day adding stuff to the game. As usual, mods Stray mods are harmless. Some are even having fun adding their own pets into Stray, which is nice and wholesome. However, a modder named "Sirgalahad172" went for a more bizarre mod by taking the cat and replacing it with Carl Johnson, otherwise known as CJ, from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

According to Sirgalahad172, the mod "is intended as a joke as cj needs to be modded in any game that exists XD." We don't necessarily agree with them even if we ranked CJ high in our list of the best GTA protagonists, but it is their mod.

Modders Added Cj San Andreas Stray
If we're being honest, Stray deserves to be nominated for GOTY later this year.

Having said that, what we'd really point out is why would anyone in the right mind ever think of installing this mod to Stray and keep it. If you're curious, you can install the mod on the PC. Just don't say that we didn't warn you - the experience can be quite jarring. Then again, most PC gamers have seen worse.

Going back to Stray, the newly released PS-exclusive was part of the dozens of new games introduced to the rebranded PS Plus lineup. If you're not keen on dropping extra just so you can upgrade to the Extra and Premium tiers, you can try both out for free.

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