Modder Turns GTA: San Andreas Into Spider-Man Game

Sometimes it still feels like the huge hype and excitement surrounding Marvel's Spider-Man from Insomniac Games was a recent event in gaming, but the game was released on PlayStation 4 waaaay back in 2018. Around that time, when the game as at its height, one particularly resourceful modder announced a Spider-Man themed total conversion mod for the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now, that mod has finally been released.


Spider-Man Mod GTA SA by J16D is an in-depth total conversion mod allowing you to get a slice of that web slinging and swinging action on PC. Sure, it isn't going to be the same experience as the Sony exclusive, but it's definitely banging as far as mods go - and it's free to download, too! You just need a copy of GTA San Andreas.

The author has gone to some real lengths to maintain accuracy and authenticity in replicating the Spider-Man experience, including a new main menu and HUD based on the game, a large selection of different suits you can unlock with their own abilities altering the gameplay and featuring the essential web-swinging mechanic.

As for what you can actually do as the titular hero in this mod, there are four event types to participate in - these are Car chase, Back pack, Thug Hideouts, Street Crimes, making sure you've got some structure to help you make your own fun, as it were.

The combat system also got a decent overhaul, so we're not looking at vanilla San Andreas punching with a Spider-Man skin thrown on. You've got four-step combos, a mid-air combo, dodging, webstrikes, webstrike takedowns and 8 gadgets, all with new animations spicing up the actual fights based on the PS4 game.

A peek at the various suit selections available in the mod

The game world got a bit of an overhaul as well. While it's no New York - sorry, Liberty City - one key landmark has been transposed into the San Andreas map; the Avenger's Tower. I mean, I'd be surprised if the building didn't have the ability to fly at some point in the comics, so it's plausible it was relocated to the other coast. In any case, Tony Stark definitely has enough cash to throw around, so building a replica over here wouldn't be an issue.

If you are itching for a bit of Spider-Man action in the streets of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, head over to the ModDB page to download the mod and give it a whirl.

Aron Gerencser
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