MOBA Network acquires popular gaming forum, ResetEra, for $4.5 million

MOBA Network just bought ResetEra, leaving users wondering what's next for the popular internet forum.

ResetEra has been a constant source of gaming information (and all sorts of shenanigans) for years. However, fans are now worried that things are going to change after M.O.B.A Network announced that it has acquired the popular online gaming forum for $4.5 million. But, if it's any consolation, fans can expect things to operate as normal (at least initially) despite the acquisition by the Swedish media company.

Moba Network Acquires Resetera
MOBA Network owns several other websites such as Mobafire and Dotafire.

ResetEra's sole owner assures fans following the massive sale

Moba Network Acquires Resetera
MOBA Network thinks it can improve ResetEra's annual take of $700 million.

ResetEra was established in 2017 in the wake of NeoGAF's legal issues. Since then, the site has become one of the biggest gaming forums in the world. The forum's sole owner, Cerium, recently released a statement addressing fans' concerns about how things are going to change. He clarified that the new owners of ResetEra prefer to "stay in the background" and that the acquisition means that there's "someone else keeping the lights on."

At the time of the acquisition, ResetEra has around 55,000 members with nearly 50 million forum posts. Understandably, users are concerned that management is going to change going forward. At the same time, messing with such a big site isn't exactly in M.O.B.A Network's best interests.

M.O.B.A Network will want to leave ResetEra as it is if it wants to recoup its investment, which it should do in no time, as it explained that ResetEra generated $700,000 in revenue in the last year.

Having said that, big-time acquisitions are happening all over the video game industry these days. Earlier this year, Microsoft made perhaps the biggest purchase in recent years after it paid a hefty sum for ZeniMax Media. The $7.5 billion deal gives Microsoft free reigns to make future Bethesda, Arkane, and id Software titles, among others, exclusive to Xbox consoles, which it already has starting with Starfield.

On the other hand, Sony isn't out to be outdone. Microsoft's main rival in the console gaming space recently added Bluepoint Games and Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios banner.

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