The mostly mixed reviews about Forspoken are already in

Make no mistake, most critics agree that Forspoken is fun to play but it lacks the substance and depth you'd expect from a PlayStation-exclusive title.

Technically, Forspoken isn't exclusive to the PlayStation 5. It might never come to the Xbox Series S/X, but it's already on the PC. However, since it's still being referred to as a PS5-exclusive title, it's going to be held to the same standards as the likes of God of War: Ragnarok and its cousins from Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy 16.

mixed reviews forspoken
TLDR; Forspoken is a pretty and stylish game that doesn't have a lot else to offer outside of aesthetics.

The verdict is still out on the upcoming Square Enix exclusive, but it's safe to say that people will be expecting a lot from it. We can say the same for Forspoken, and after reading through what the critics have to say about the game, you can't help but wonder if it could've used more time in the kitchen.

Luminous Productions and Square Enix pushed back the release date of Forspoken last year, presumably to make way for God of War: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, it appears that the studio needed the time to polish the game.

Despite already having gotten feedback from PlayStation 5 owners via the demo, Forspoken feels a lot less like a complete package and more like a technical showcase. The latter isn't exactly a huge compliment now that the PS5 has been out for over two years and we've seen the likes of Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gives us a taste of its capabilities. All critics appear to agree that Forspoken buckled under the weight of its ambition, a point we brought up when the game got a cinematic trailer.

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Check out what score the critics gave to Forspoken and what they had to say for a better idea before you decide to pick up or skip the game:

mixed reviews forspoken
Forspoken had a ton of potential as Luminous Productions' comeback game after Final Fantasy XV.

As of the time of writing, Forspoken sits at 68% on Metacritic for the PS5 version but this is expected to change once more reviews start rolling out later this week, especially on the PC. We already knew that Forspoken would generate controversy for its steep PC requirements, so don't expect critics to be more kind to Forspoken on desktops.

The PlayStation 5 only has a handful of true exclusives and they've mostly been awards magnets. Deathloop and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart were both nominated for GOTY while Demon's Souls was universally praised upon release. The Last of Us Part 1, which was controversial for its pricing, even got recognized by awarding bodies. Forspoken isn't necessarily a bad game but it's not something we'd recommend buying at full price either.

Forspoken's massive open world, combat system, exploration, and traversal mechanics, all deserve praise but as a complete package for $69.99, it's a hard pass.

Given how stingy Square Enix is when it comes to sales figures, Forspoken will likely join the likes of Marvel's Avengers and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, if not fare worse. We're curious to find out if Square Enix will let Sony add Forspoken to the PS Plus Extra library sooner rather than later if it fails to meet sales expectations at launch.

mixed reviews forspoken
It wouldn't surprise us if Forspoken goes on sale for a lower price sooner rather than later.

Forspoken is expected to launch worldwide today, January 24, so we won't have to wait for a long time to find out what everybody, including critics and audiences alike, has to say about it.

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