343 Industries drops Mister Chief bundle for Halo Infinite

The small and cute comic version of Master Chief is now in Halo Infinite as a paid in-game cosmetic.

343 Industries continues to pad Halo Infinite with more content. Although the majority of the content for the free-to-play multiplayer component of the game is available without spending money, 343 has released paid cosmetics as well. This includes what the studio refers to as the "Mister Chief" DLC, which isn't a typo, just in case you are wondering.

Mister Chief Bundle For Halo Infinite
It's becoming clear that 343 is still learning the proverbial ropes when it comes to releasing premium content for free-to-play titles.

What does the "Mister Chief" bundle for Halo Infinite include?

Mister Chief Bundle For Halo Infinite
Given how popular Halo Infinite is, 343 could stand to lower the prices of cosmetics for the game.

Mister Chief is one of the rare memes that originated from someone who created the subject of the meme. In this particular case, Frank O'Connor, who is currently the Franchise Development Director for the Halo franchise at 343 Industries, created Mister Chief as a parody of the game's protagonist, Master Chief. Instead of portraying him as a bad-ass Spartan, Mister Chief is a more comical version, and now he's available in Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately, fans aren't all too happy to see the miniaturized version of Master Chief. For one, many believe that the new Mister Chief cosmetics is priced too high at 2,000 credits, which is roughly $20.

The Mister Chief bundle is easily the most expensive item in the store rotation this week. Judging from the reactions, fans aren't happy. For what you paid for the bundle, you only get a weapon charm, vehicle decal, and a new AI model. Many believe that 343 should pad the bundle with more content for the same price. In particular, long-time series fans pointed out how you could get three AI models for just $10 in Halo 5.

To make matters worse, AIs don't play a significant role in Halo Infinite's multiplayer experience. You can use it for callouts and the occasional quip, but outside of these uses, the AIs don't have much use.

With that said, we're curious to find out just how much backlash the Mister Chief DLC will get. We already know that 343 is willing to compromise and admit to its mistakes. If there are enough people who complain, 343 might bring down the price of the Mister Chief bundle or add more or perhaps do even both.

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