Mission: Impossible 8 begins filming just as budget for MI7 balloons to $300 million

With a production cost of $290 million (and still growing), the still-in-production Mission Impossible: 7 is en route to becoming one of the most expensive films in cinematic history.

As per the current plans, Mission: Impossible 8 is the last confirmed movie in the hit spy film franchise. However, with the seventh installment still in post-production, there are already worrying reports about how much money filming both sequels back-to-back at the peak of the pandemic is costing Paramount Pictures.

Mission: Impossible 7 is well on its way to becoming one of the most expensive films ever produced.

According to THR, the budget for Mission: Impossible has already hit a whopping $290 million, including tax incentives. This is easily the highest production budget of any Mission: Impossible film, nearly doubling that Mission: Impossible - Fallout at $178 million. The upcoming film is now on track to break the $300 million mark, and if that happens, it will displace 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and 2017's Avengers: Infinity War as the fifth most expensive film ever made.

What makes this news rather unfortunate is that the ballooning budget isn't solely because of the franchise's big and impossible-esque set pieces. Rather, the brunt of the cost is from pandemic-related expenses.

Hopefully, by the time Mission: Impossible 7 hits theaters, the rest of the world will have gone back to relative normalcy.

If it's any consolation, fandom interest in the next two Mission: Impossible films remains high as ever.

Despite the decision to delay the movie to its current release date of July 24, 2023, fans are still curious to find out how Tom Cruise is going to one-up himself once again. It also helps that the behind-the-scenes photos released so far, which includes a sequence on board a vintage train, help set up a sequel that's going to be well worth the cost.

At the end of the day, it will be up to the fans to decide if Mission: Impossible 7 lives up to its production budget.

Of the ten most expensive films made, only two failed to make more than half a million at the global box office, with at least five grossing over a billion dollars. Meanwhile, if Mission: Impossible 7 ends up costing more than $300 million to produce, it will have to pull in at least a billion to justify spending so much on the movie, which would be a first for the franchise. The previous record-holder, also Mission: Impossible - Fallout, "only" grossed $791 million.

When you factor in added production costs, Mission: Impossible 7's final tally could be right around $320 to $350 million.

The good news here is that everything needed is probably already in place for the filming of Mission: Impossible 8. With the COVID-19 pandemic situation improving drastically, the eighth movie likely won't cost as much to film and produce.

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