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Minecraft - Smooth Stone Crafting Guide

Smooth stone is a fairly basic building block in Minecraft that looks great, is sturdy and provides a great base for shelters and other structures. It isn't difficult to craft, and is highly accessible even in the early stretches of the game. Here's how you can craft some.

Gather the Ingredients

What you will need is some cobblestone, some coal and your furnace. We will also cover the crafting of the furnace in this guide, so that you can create your smooth stone even if you are a total beginner!

Cobblestone is plentiful in every seed there is, you just need to dig downwards for a bit or go to the nearest mountain, cave or mineshaft to get all the cobblestone you'll ever need. This is an essential component of both the furnace and the smooth stone itself. 8 cobblestone will be needed to craft your furnace, and additional blocks for the smooth stone.

Coal is similarly common, and luckily for us it usually spawns in the same areas as cobblestone, so you won't need to make a lot of trips to get some for your smooth stone. It isn't necessary to stock up with too much of these materials since they are common, but you can choose to if you'd rather not make multiple trips.

Craft the Furnace

Memorize your multiplication, kids.

The furnace is one of the earliest objects you should craft, and is appropriately simple for this role. Simply fill the crafting menu with 8 cobblestone, leaving the middle slot empty. Voilá, you have a furnace! If only things were this easy in real life.

Refine Cobblestone

Don't try this at home.


"Refining" cobblestone using a furnace is an example of funky Minecraft physics at work, but that's just something you'll get used to eventually. You need to add cobblestone into the top slot and coal into the bottom for the furnace to work. This process will lead to the cobblestone being refined into stone, which is slightly smoother but not quite there yet.

Once you've put all your cobblestone through the furnace once, you'll need to take the resultant stone and send it through for a second round of baking. Putting stone through the furnace again will refine it into smooth stone, which is what we're gunning for.

When this process is finished, you'll have the smooth stone ready for use.

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