Minecraft Players Replicate Night City From Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 may have had a bumpy launch, but nothing was strong enough to defeat the momentum of popularity it built up over the years, and it's still the most talked about, and one of the most played games, as we tread deeper into January. Popularity begets imitation, and what better platform to imitate that which you love than the boundlessly creative voxel sandbox game, Minecraft? We're frankly surprised it actually took this long for a Night City replica to pop up!

There is an entire segment of the Minecraft community dedicated the huge, sweeping recreations of notable locations from popular culture. Some group efforts go as far as recreating entire worlds, with scale replicas of Azeroth from Warcraft or Middle Earth from Tolkien's works having been built over the years. Night City, the independent technological megacity that serves as the main location for the Cyberpunk franchise, will soon join that prestigious list.

This particular Night City recreation in Minecraft is still a work in progress, with many of the shoreline high-rises complete giving us a good idea of the skyline, as well as the scale the author chose to go with. The replica isn't quite 1:1, as there has been some downscaling, but the work already complete is impressive and goes to show how huge an undertaking this really is. Tackling Night City offers additional challenge other than something from a standard fantasy setting due to the dense verticality of a futuristic city as seen in Cyberpunk 2077. It's tightly packed skyscrapers as far as the eye can see with most of them sporting unique architecture.

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Night City's blocky counterpart is being constructed by a tag team of Minecraft builders known online as CVP Offical. This isn't the pair's first foray into a large-scale Minecraft project, nor is it their first futuristic city. Nonetheless, it will probably grow to become their most popular one due to the interest the subject matter inherently draws. The project is still a work in progress, with the other districts of the city as well as the unforgiving Badlands yet to take their final shape, but the team is steadily chipping away at progress.

The best part is, you can download what they've already built and explore - or expand - it yourself. Head over to the submission page on Planet Minecraft and soon you'll be able to load up the Night City map in the game. If you have you own ideas on how Night City should have looked like, this is the perfect starting point for building your own version. Chuck a healthy amount of TNT at it if you happen to take Johnny's comments about burning it all down literally, too.

Aron Gerencser
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