Minecraft player mines map after 5 years

A Minecraft map is nearly empty after a player dedicated five years to depleting it of everything that you can mine.

The Minecraft map is laughably big. There's been a lot of estimates and numbers regarding its size thrown around for years, but it's safe to say that the map is much larger than the planet we're living on. So, it's hard to fathom that somehow and someway, someone spent enough time and effort to pick their entire Minecraft world clean of every valuable resource.

Minthical estimates that he's mined around 47 million blocks already.

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The individual in question, YouTuber Minthical, did something that most Minecraft gamers do, but to an extreme. Instead of just starting a new world, Minthical must have thought to himself, "why don't I just mine everything in it first?"

We're hoping that we can get in on the action and watch Minthical mine the entire map.

Minthical has spent the past five years slowly but surely chipping away at every single block on his Minecraft map. This is literally millions of blocks. Naturally, Minthical went viral for what they did after they live-streamed the entire thing on August 12.

While Minthical is still technically not finished mining the entire Minecraft map yet, they're close to finishing now. Minthical believes that they will finish mining the Minecraft map by September. So, if you want to witness history and be one of the few people to watch Minthical mine the last block in his Minecraft map, we recommend that you subscribe.

Speaking of Minecraft, Mojang Studios is currently at the forefront of the gaming industry's stand against cryptocurrency by banning NFTs and blockchain tech in Minecraft. The move garnered a lot of support from the gaming community. However, Mojang also found itself in the crosshairs of criticism not long after. The Minecraft community is currently up in arms against the studio's decision to extend its policing measures to private servers. Finally, Minecraft is getting a second spin-off game next year in Minecraft Legends.

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