Minecraft Dungeons is now on Steam

Minecraft Dungeons heads onto Steam along with the six DLC packs that have been since released post-launch.

What if we told you that, a little over a decade later, you'd be able to play a mix of Diablo and Minecraft in one? No, seriously, we're not joking. This game actually exists and it was made by Mojang Studios.

Hopefully, the release of Minecraft Dungeons on Steam means that Mojang is open to releasing Minecraft on the popular digital games distribution platform as well.

Minecraft Dungeons was released in May 2020 as one of Mojang Studios' first Minecraft-based spin-offs. It is an action RPG not unlike the Diablo games, but with the charm and visuals of the Minecraft series. Although it received mixed reviews from critics who expected Minecraft Dungeons to lean towards a more mature theme, it nevertheless found its audience on launch platforms.

We ranked Minecraft Dungeons as one of the most underrated games of 2020 and a relatively affordable game that you can buy, as well as enjoy with your friends.

Unfortunately, while Minecraft dungeons was available on most modern platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft secured the rights to make it exclusive to the Microsoft Store - until now.

A little over a year after its release and several DLC packs later, Minecraft Dungeons is finally on Steam.

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Is Minecraft Dungeons the first of many?

A release on Steam might give Minecraft Dungeons a boost in popularity.

Minecraft remains as popular as ever. Mojang's brainchild ranks as the best-selling video game title of all time with more than 238 million units sold in a decade. However, while Minecraft has accomplished a lot over the years, one thing that Mojang Studios hasn't done is build on it.

Outside of Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang hasn't exactly released a proper Minecraft spin-off. Here's hoping that this is a start.

Speaking of Minecraft Dungeons, the action RPG's steam release combines the base game along with the game's six post-launch DLC content - Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void. Mojang Studios also threw in some digital artwork and some soundtrack to make the entire package more attractive.

With that said, Minecraft Dungeons probably isn't for everybody. Those looking for a more traditional dungeon crawler experience might prefer these alternatives instead. Even if that's the case, Minecraft Dungeons should appeal to younger gamers who might prefer a more familiar setting.

With four-player co-op and cross-platform support across multiple platforms, Minecraft Dungeons might end up becoming more popular now that it's on Steam, especially after Mojang confirmed that it might release more DLC for the game in the future.

TLDR; if you have a PC and haven't gotten a chance to try out Minecraft Dungeons via the Microsoft Store before, now is the time.

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