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Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Play Guide

A party of four, from four different devices, I guess

On November 17, 2020, Mojang finally added cross-platform multiplayer to Minecraft Dungeons. Cross play means that users of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch systems will be able to play with each other in Minecraft Dungeons, with full online support.

Requirements to Cross-play

You need to make sure that your game is updated to version or later before playing multiplayer. Nintendo Switch accounts and PlayStation accounts must be linked to a Microsoft account. Cross-platform multiplayer on PlayStation can be enabled or disabled within Game Settings > Configure Online Play. On other platforms, cross-platform multiplayer is always enabled.

Did I sound like a robot? I certainly did, because I didn't want to spoil the instructions with my flair for words and take your attention away from such beautiful and delicate instructions. If you have further questions, please contact Mojang support.

How do I Party with my Friends on Minecraft Dungeons?

OK, everyone should be set up and have linked their accounts to a Microsoft account, so how do you find them? First, you need to add them.

Add friends to your party so you can share loot, yay

You can add friends by searching for their Gamertags, or join friends who are already in a lobby. I know, for that you need friends, but hang tight, things get better eventually.

Once you've created a game lobby, you can invite friends who are online to join you. However, this doesn't always work. Depending on where that friend is playing, you may encounter some undesired errors. Inviting works great too and from Xbox and Windows platforms, but Switch and PS4 can be pretty buggy according to some angry players on Reddit. And remember, you need Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Online, or Playstation Plus subscriptions for online multiplayer.

Switch on the left getting invited by Xbox on the right. Same person. See, I told you don't need friends

Wait, if I link my PS4 account to an Xbox and create a Gamertag, does it mean I get both trophies AND achievements? That would be great.

Anyway, while crossplay was enabled in Minecraft Dungeons via a free update, it apparently came with a price, stability  If you encounter an error, a second attempt may do wonders for you. If you have repeated problems connecting with friends via platform lines, restart the game and make sure that your Microsoft account online settings allow multiplatform multiplayer.

You can hear players breaking their houses with an iron pickaxe after receiving this message



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