So this is what Minecraft looks like on a CRT monitor

Minecraft came out way after the age of CRT monitors but this didn't stop one gamer from attempting to run it on an older desktop anyway.

The gaming world is full of innovative tech innovations, but that doesn't mean that gamers are above nostalgia. Case in point, a Minecraft fan just ran the best-selling game in the world on a decades-old CRT TV, turning plenty of heads within the gaming community in the process.

Minecraft is the kind of game that will fit regardless of which era of gaming it comes out in.

In case you've been living under a rock for the better part of the past two decades, Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game from Mojang Studios. It offers players the freedom to build and explore a procedurally generated 3D world. It runs on pretty much every modern console and it has been used extensively outside of gaming. But, what one fan did is beyond what's expected of Minecraft as they got it to run on a vintage CRT television.

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CRT, or Cathode Ray Tube, televisions were a home entertainment staple throughout the 90s and 2000s. Most gamers can't relate to these pieces of now-ancient technology, but for those who know what they are, this Minecraft enthusiast can take you on a trip down memory lane.

Minecraft continues to evolve despite being more than a decade old.

The result is a unique gameplay experience, delivering a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that merges the cute pixelated graphics of Minecraft with the charm of CRT televisions, warm hues and scan lines and all.

While it might not make sense to play a contemporary game on an older device, the resulting image is an oddly appealing visual quality.

Watching the Minecraft world transformed by the distinctive, vintage flair admittedly has its own advantages.

Minecraft has nowhere to go but up, which is amazing considering how big it already is.

This venture underscores the flexibility of Minecraft. It proves that the game can adapt to pretty much anything. It doesn't matter if you're playing it on the latest high-end gaming PC with RTX on or a smartphone or a CRT TV - Minecraft will be Minecraft.

This might feel like a trivial way to play Minecraft, and it might be, but it also adds another feather to Minecraft's cap. It's a way to demonstrate its enduring appeal to millions around the globe.

Furthermore, playing Minecraft on a CRT TV is more than just a gaming experiment. It serves as a reminder of the evolution of technology as well as an homage to the era of retro gaming. It simultaneously offers a fresh take on Minecraft's aesthetic and keeps the memories of the vintage tech era alive.

Try and beat this experience
by u/LordChickenNugget23 in Minecraft

As for Minecraft, Mojang and Microsoft are expanding their universe even further. Not just content with selling hundreds of millions of units, Mojang is releasing more games in different genres based on Minecraft. Two years ago saw the launch of Minecraft Dungeons, which was easily one of the more underrated dungeon crawlers on the market, with Minecraft Legends coming out just last month.

With a live-action film starring Jason Momoa currently in development, it's safe to say that Minecraft isn't fading away from mainstream consciousness anytime soon.

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