Mike Tyson took over an hour to learn how to count like a WWE referee

For what it's worth, Iron Mike spent more time putting opponent's faces to the mat than counting how long it took for them to stand up.

WrestleMania XIV was a special event for several reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that it signaled the start of the "Attitude Era" as the headliner match between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels firmly thrust the Texas Rattlesnake to the spotlight as the new WWF Champion and the face of the WWF for the next few years.

Mike Tyson Took Hour Learn Count Wwe Referee
Before aligning himself with Stone Cold, Mike Tyson was considered a part of D-Generation X.

But, while the wrestlers booked for the match alone made it so memorable, there's a different reason why wrestling fans will forever remember that title bout. It was also the day that the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson, joined the WWF as a "special outside enforcer".

Iron Mike had amassed a ton of nicknames throughout his career. But, people had taken to calling him "The Baddest Man on the Planet" because of his boxing prowess - not because he was literally bad at something. Like, for example, counting.

According to former WWE referee, Mike Chioda, preparing the former Kid Dynamite to act as a referee for one night presented certain challenges. Specifically, Chioda struggled to get Tyson to count the WWE way.


Mike Tyson took over an hour to learn how to count like a WWE referee #miketyson #wwe #wrestling #fyp #foryou

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Here's what Chioda had to say in a recent episode of AdFreeShow's "Monday Mailbag":

Mike Tyson, it was great. Believe me, I tried to teach him how to count... He counted so fast, I was like 'Oh sh*t. I must have spent like an hour with him, 'Here, just 1-2-3.

Chioda also added that the two of them had a "fantastic time" and it was obvious that Tyson was a "huge fan of wrestling."

During his brief tenure with the WWF, Tyson was an unofficial member of D-Generation X, a stable commonly associated with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The WWE later immortalized Tyson's name and made him part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

After spending several years headlining the news for both the wrong and right reasons, the man, who many consider "The Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History", has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years. However, his name has been thrown around as an opponent for either Logan Paul or Jake Paul in an exhibition boxing match.

Mike Tyson Took Hour Learn Count Wwe Referee
Mike Tyson "knocked out" Shawn Michaels with a mean right hook after the match had ended following a confrontation.

Speaking of Stone Cold, fans believe that the retired WWE Hall of Famer is gearing up for a potential return at WrestleMania 39.

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