Microsoft rolls out Game Pass family plan to 6 more countries

The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan is a cheaper tier for a family or group of friends living within the same country.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family, Microsoft's latest subscription service, is now accessible in six more countries, bringing the total to eight.

Anyone with a Game Pass subscription can add up to four friends or family members to the service, which initially came out last September. Though each person uses their own account and Xbox profile, all users must live within the same country. The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan was first released in Ireland and Colombia, but it has since been extended to New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Hungary, Israel, and Sweden.

There is currently no information available on when the service will be available to Xbox players in major markets like the UK or North America. Although the plan is pricier than the standard Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, it is more cost-effective for multiple users.

For instance, the monthly subscription in Ireland costs €21.99, which is €9 more expensive than the Game Pass Ultimate. In contrast, the Friends & Family Plan would only cost €4.4 per person per month for a group of five people.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is priced at €21.99 a month in Ireland and 49,900 pesos in Colombia.

Similar to the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, all group participants get access to all the perks, including cloud streaming, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play membership, and discounts on the Xbox and PC Game Pass libraries. Microsoft has yet to announce the pricing for the six additional countries.

Microsoft recently added four more games to the Game Pass after the initial lineup was revealed earlier this month. The company also recently admitted that the Game Pass cannibalizes game sales.

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