Microsoft is reportedly working on a smaller Xbox Series X chip

The rumors stem from a report saying that Microsoft is working on a smaller and more power-efficient Xbox Series X chip.

Despite fears that the Xbox One killed the brand at launch, Microsoft eventually rebounded, with the Xbox Series S/X starting to outsell the PlayStation 5. Now, it appears that Microsoft wants to take advantage of this rare opportunity by "improving" the Xbox Series X.

If we're being honest, Microsoft is better off focusing on more affordable storage options for the Xbox Series X.

Specifically, the report claims that Microsoft is working on a more energy-efficient version of the silicon chip housed inside the Xbox Series X and that the chip is much further along in development than expected.

The first thing that comes to mind here is that we might see Microsoft release a smaller Xbox Series X. While this could happen years from now, tech journalist, Brad Sams, warns fans not to expect much from the new chip. Sams clarifies that the revised Xbox Series X chip is aiming for efficiency and not better performance. Furthermore, Sams explains that future Xbox Series X consoles will still use the same design.

Unlike the Xbox One, the Xbox Series S/X has a better shot at competing against the PS5.

Then again, we shouldn't discount the possibility of a "mini" Xbox Series X, as Microsoft could easily take a page out of Sony's book and make a digital-only version of the flagship console. This will change the design of the theorized Xbox Series X console so it wouldn't need a physical disc drive, allowing for a smaller version of the console without the lower performance associated with the Xbox Series S. Of course, this is assuming that Microsoft is willing to throw the Xbox Series S under the bus, a less likely proposition given how well the less-powerful current-gen console sells.

Ultimately, Microsoft remains at the mercy of the chip shortage. The restricted supply availability is a universal and ongoing problem with no resolution. Even if Microsoft wants to release a re-sized Xbox Series X, it might not happen soon. We can say the same for the release of the "smaller, more power-efficient chip" that Sams claims that Microsoft is working on.

A smaller Xbox Series X would mean that we might get to see a smaller Xbox Series S as well.

For those who already have an Xbox Series S/X, Microsoft's marquee shooter is showing signs of life. After losing players by the thousands in February, 343 Industries confirmed in March that the second season of Halo Infinite is coming next month with Jeff Steitzer as the voice of Big Team Battle. Finally, rumor has it that Certain Affinity is helping 343 out with a battle royale mode.

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