Microsoft is still working on bringing FF14 to the Xbox

Spencer revealed that Microsoft and Square Enix are still coordinating to bring the game to fans on Xbox.

Phil Spencer, Xbox head, revealed that Xbox is still working on bringing Final Fantasy 14 to the console. Spencer made this revelation while speaking to a Japanese publication, Game Watch, after Xbox's Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, has confirmed that Microsoft and Square Enix are still working on bringing the game to the Xbox platform.

Spencer originally announced a Final Fantasy 14 Xbox One port in 2019 during the X019 in London event where Microsoft also announced it was bringing multiple Final Fantasy titles to Xbox Game Pass.

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However, the company has not provided any update on the situation since then and this has led fans to speculate that the planned port was shelved. Now, Spencer has cleared all doubts with his comment; although, he did not provide further detail.

When he was asked about the game, he replied, "Of course, we haven't given up yet. This is Microsoft and Square Enix's commitment to game fans, and we will continue to coordinate."

We can only imagine how much bigger FF14 can get if it ever becomes available on Xbox consoles.

Back in 2021, Final Fantasy 14's director, Naoki Yoshida, claimed that the Xbox platform had two regulations preventing the port of the game, saying:

To play an MMORPG [on Xbox], there are 2 regulations for Microsoft which stand in the way of making crossplay feasible. Unless these regulations are rejected, there is no meaning. One of the regulations is that players with different platforms cannot chat with each other in-game. Then how do you play an MMO?

The other regulation is you cannot make a community with plays on a different platform. You can’t form a guild, you can’t enter into a link shell, [and] no free company. So I would like to have Microsoft change their regulations.

While these comments paint the picture that Microsoft and Square Enix reached an impasse and canceled the game, Spencer's response to Game Watch will be welcome news to Xbox users who are still hoping that the game will arrive on the platform someday.

By the way, Square Enix pushed back the release date of Final Fantasy 16 to Summer 2023, which means that fans will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on what looks like a promising game if the trailer is anything to go by. The good news is that the remake of FF7 Crisis Core is coming out later this year. This should give Final Fantasy fans something to play after multiple re-runs of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade.

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