Microsoft is apparently very pleased with Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks

Microsoft wants to strike while the iron is hot now that fans are clamoring for more titles from Tango Gameworks.


Much has been said about Tango Gameworks' Hi-Fi Rush. The action-adventure rhythm game that was released at the beginning of the year was and has been a success for Xbox Game Studios, and if we're to believe a report from a major gaming insider, Microsoft will be adding more resources to the Japanese developer.

In a recent episode of Game Mess Decides, Jeff Grubb stated that Microsoft was "very, very happy" with the studio, saying:

Microsoft is very, very happy with that studio; they like that studio a lot and they are reinvesting in it and they and they care a lot about that studio having a bright future.

Now, if you've been following the saga about this game, Grubb painted a completely different picture of Hi-Fi Rush few months back. Despite amassing a player base exceeding 3 million from both game purchases and Game Pass subscriptions, Grubb asserted that the game "didn't make the money it needed to make."

Xbox executives weren't pleased by this allegation. Not long after Grubb's comment, Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, took to Twitter to counter the claim, stating:

Hi-Fi Rush was a break-out hit for us and our players in all key measurements and expectations. We couldn't be happier with what the team at Tango Gameworks delivered with this surprise release." To further prove how much faith Microsoft has placed in the studio, it was reported that Tango Gameworks was actively seeking to onboard approximately 150 new developers.

Grubb has generally been a credible source for insider information. However, when it comes to updates regarding Tango Gameworks, it might be prudent to approach his statements with a dose of skepticism. This doesn't necessarily imply that Microsoft's efforts to bolster its presence in Japan through Tango Gameworks aren't valid. In fact, Microsoft has compelling reasons to seek a stronger foothold in the Japanese gaming market, where it has historically struggled in the shadow of powerhouses like PlayStation and Nintendo.

Moreover, Microsoft hasn't exactly had a great year with its other divisions, as evidenced by the critical reception of Arkane Studios' Redfall. Given this, it only makes sense for Microsoft to invest more resources in Tango Gameworks, which has exhibited an impressive streak and holds a lot of potential.

Evil Within follows main character, Sebastian Castellanos, as he is drawn into a twisted realm replete with terrifying locations and grotesque creatures.

Founded by former Capcom developer and Resident Evil director, Shinji Mikami, in 2010, Tango Gameworks stands as a rather compact studio in size. Its brief but impactful portfolio includes four titles: The Evil Within, its follow-up Evil Within 2, the adventure game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and, of course, Hi-Fi Rush.

Despite having garnered acclaim through these notable releases, the question lingers as to whether the studio will be able to maintain its successful trajectory, especially considering the imminent departure of Mikami this year.

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