Microsoft Store Leaks Two Point Campus Ahead of Reveal

Two Point Campus, the sequel to Two Point Studios' 2018 hit simulation title, Two Point Hospital, was leaked on the Microsoft Store before it was even revealed.

Microsoft Store Two Point Campus Leaks
Two Point Campus is headed to store shelves real soon.

The sequel to Two Point Hospital will take everything from the game's hospital setting and apply it to school life. Specifically, in Two Point Campus, players will get a chance to build a university from scratch and find ways to fulfill every individual student's needs, whether it be by hiring staff members, and so much more.

Two Point Campus Leaked by Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store Two Point Campus Leaks
If Two Point Hospital is any indication, Two Point Campus is going to be just as good if not better.

So far, the Microsoft Store has done a stellar job leaking games way ahead of their official release dates.

Just a couple of months ago, the Microsoft Store leaked the Tomb Raider Trilogy compilation. Then, earlier this week, Microsoft Store revealed Dying Light: Platinum Edition. This also came days before Techland officially confirmed the new bundle during the studio's most recent Dying Light 2 stream.

Considering that's twice over the course of the past three months, you'd think that the people over at Microsoft Store would have learned their lesson already. But, apparently, that's not the case, as Microsoft Store leaked Two Point Campus.

As per our eagle-eyed observers, the Microsoft Store page was up earlier on Monday. The listing revealed a lot of information regarding the upcoming business simulation title. This includes the kind of courses that players can expect in Two Point campus like Knight School and Gastronomy. However, while Two Point Campus will take a lot of queues from Two Point Hospital, it's not just a re-skinned version of the 2018 title.

Unfortunately, because Two Point Studios have yet to confirm Two Point Campus, there are several things that we don't know about the game yet.

For one, we don't know exactly just how Two Point Campus will improve on Two Point Hospital. In addition to this, we also don't know when exactly Two Point Campus will release. It might not even launch in 2021, although that is highly unlikely. In the aforementioned leaks by the Microsoft Store, the games were released just days after the unofficial reveal.

With that said, it's still best to keep our eyes peeled for Two Point Studios and SEGA to confirm that Two Point Campus is releasing.

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