Microsoft Investigating Malfunctioning Xbox Series Controllers Reports

According to numerous online user reports, a number of Xbox Series S/X owners are currently having issues with malfunctioning Xbox Series controllers. In particular, a common issue is that some of their buttons are starting to become unresponsive.

Fixing the Xbox Series controllers will be top priority for Microsoft these next couple of months.

As of the moment, Microsoft has yet to provide a clear explanation as to exactly what is happening and why Xbox Series controllers are malfunctioning this early. Microsoft is also yet to announce an official long-term fix, nor have they come out with a temporary fix to help out affected players.

If it's any consolation though, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue. They are currently looking to provide a fix as soon as possible.

At the same time, some users reportedly have found success in contacting Microsoft's customer service. Some are claiming that they didn't even need to send in their malfunctioning Xbox Series controllers. All they had to do was report that they had been having their issues. Then, Microsoft would just go on and send them a new one - free of charge.

Microsoft Now Joins Sony and Nintendo

Microsoft can't afford to find themselves in another legal battle less than a year after users sued them for issues with the Xbox One controllers.

Since the 1977's Atari 2600 console, controllers have evolved significantly. It's no longer just composed of a single joystick and a button. The most recent controllers now have at least two analog sticks, triggers, D-pads, multiple buttons, and more. Some even have paddles. All of these are added for the sake of added functionality.

Unfortunately, as is always the case with these types of thingamajigs, adding functionality means increasing the risk of failure.

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With that said, malfunctioning Xbox Series controllers are just the latest in a relatively long string of controllers that are facing issues.

For example, Microsoft also faced similar issues in the past. Just recently, they were sued after their Xbox One controllers allegedly had "stick drift". This is a defect where the analog stick moves slightly to either side without user intervention.

Speaking of stick drift, both Nintendo and Sony are facing similar issues too. In particular, the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons have a long history of having issues, with no permanent fix in sight. Sony has also found itself in hot water, after users reported having stick drift issues with its DualSense controller.

Hopefully, Microsoft issues a fix soon. Otherwise, they might just find themselves on the wrong end of a legal battle yet again.

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