Microsoft Hints at Cloud Gaming for iOS and PC

As of the moment, cloud gaming is possible on Android devices. The beta version of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk currently supports more than 200 games. What's more, that number is growing by the day with more and more titles starting to support touch controls.

Cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is apparently coming sooner than most people think.

However, this has famously left out the PC platform and the iOS.

The latter, specifically, has prompted Xbox Head Phil Spencer to criticize the experience support for Apple's mobile platform as a "bad experience".

With that said, it seems that, after months of working on it, Microsoft is closer than ever to making cloud gaming for iOS and PC a real possibility. As a matter of fact, they hinted in a recent video that it's going to come soon.

Microsoft Poised to Deliver on Spring 2021 Promise

In December 2020, Microsoft said that they will make cloud gaming a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the PC via the Windows operating system and iOS devices sometime in Spring 2021.

Many months later, it certainly seems like they're going to hit their mark.

Just days before the spring season begins in some parts of the globe, Microsoft released a new video that essentially serves as an official walkthrough and demo for cloud gaming.

In the said video, VP of xCloud and Engineering, Kevil LaChapelle, hinted that they're going to bring cloud gaming to iOS and PC soon. He did not give a specific date, however LaChapelle did clarify, with a wink, that cloud gaming for iOS and PC is not "very far off".

As of the moment, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate's cloud gaming parking is available in as many as 21 countries. This includes South Korea and parts of North America, as well as Europe. However, Microsoft is working hard to make it available globally.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently slated to launch in Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil, with testing already having begun.

In addition to this, Phil Spencer has also mentioned before that they are currently looking for a way to bring Xbox Game Pass streaming to today's consoles.

With streaming and cloud gaming seemingly their utmost priority at this point, it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time before Microsoft hits its promised goals. But, of course, even if they do miss out, they do come through eventually.

Case in point, Microsoft recently added EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC last March 18. This was after it was delayed from its initial December 2020 release date.

Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the Best Gaming Subscription Service?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a compiled version of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

The video game subscription service costs $14.99 a month and gives subscribers the benefits of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

Although the former's library was often criticized in the past for lacking any quality titles, Microsoft's most recent moves have put it in the best position it has ever had.

For example, Microsoft secured Outriders as a launch title and added more Bethesda titles into the mix. They're also planning on adding other titles like Octopath Traveler as well and it's looking like they're not going to stop anytime soon.

If cloud gaming becomes available to even more platforms via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then Sony will have to come up with ways to make PS Now and/or PlayStation Plus more competitive.

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