GameStop Leaks Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Release Date

It's starting to look like Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series S/X consoles will make an appearance, if not launch, at E3 2021.

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator title is expected to release on the Xbox Series S/X in Summer 2021.

A listing found on US video game retailer, GameStop, gave the Xbox Series X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator a June 15, 2021 release date. This was reported by the ever-so-observant members of ResetEra, a popular gaming forum.

While this is not a confirmation, by any means, it does make a ton of sense that Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series X will release on June 15. We know from the development roadmap that Microsoft is going to drop a new trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator on June 10. So, Microsoft might confirm the release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series S/X by then.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Coming to Xbox Series S/X

A lot are curious as to just how good (or bad) Microsoft Flight Simulator will look on the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft announced Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox Series S and X at The Game Awards last December 2020. Back then, Microsoft gave the latest version of its flight simulator a Summer 2021 release window. Since then, Microsoft has not given an update as to when exactly in Summer 2021 the game will release.

Fast forward to today's latest leak and the release date is perfect. Even though it has far more competition today than in the years before, E3 remains the best venue to unveil if not launch games. Launching the game at E3 2021 following a reveal a week earlier is a great way to headline the Xbox showcase on June 13.

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The imminent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series S/X might also have something to do with the latest update that cut down the game's file size from 170GB to 83GB.

With that said, releasing Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series S/X will give audiences a reason to buy Microsoft's next-gen console. So far, the list of exclusives for the Xbox Series S/X is rather slim. The Medium is arguably the only notable exclusive released for the Xbox Series S/X so far, with the console relying a lot on the Xbox Game Pass offerings.

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator was released on PC and received critical, as well as commercial, acclaim. It's widely considered one of the best simulator games and largest games right now, both literally and in terms of install sizes. The game lets players take flight in a virtual recreation of planet Earth that includes Asia and the Middle East, among numerous others.

Like many, we're curious to see how well Microsoft Flight Simulator will run on the Xbox Series S/X. Microsoft Flight Simulator is notorious for requiring a lot of power to run on the PC. Keep in mind that the Xbox Series S is nowhere near as powerful as a mid-range PC. it'll be interesting to see how Asobo Studio handles the lack of power on the Xbox Series S/X consoles. In particular, what kind of compromises the studio had to make to get the game to run on weaker hardware.

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