Microsoft finally launches Discord Voice chat support for all Xbox users

A better way to connect with your friends is now available on all Xbox consoles.

Following an extensive insider beta testing that was announced back in July, Microsoft has finally announced the launch of Discord voice chat support for all Xbox users, including Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S series.

Considering the months of back and forth between Sony and Discord, most expected Discord to arrive on the PlayStation before Xbox, but to everyone's surprise, Xbox acquired it first. Anyone with an Xbox console can connect directly to Discord Voice chats.

Although Xbox got Discord Voice chat support much earlier than PlayStation, it might not be as straightforward to use the service as you might think. The first step requires users to link their Xbox accounts to their Discord accounts. This is the easy part of the process.

How to use Discord Voice on Xbox

To link your account, you must go to your Xbox settings > Account > Linked social accounts and select the link option under Discord. Follow on-screen instructions to link your Xbox account to your Discord account.

You can continue on your console or use the QR code to link your Discord account to your Xbox account.

To talk with your friends, you cannot directly create a calling party on your Xbox. To do so, you need to transfer the call from your mobile or PC to your Xbox. Make sure you have both the Xbox mobile app (ensure it is linked with your Xbox console) and the Discord app on your mobile.

First, go to your mobile or PC discord, and join a voice channel.

It is the same procedure for all the channels.

From here, swipe up, and you will see an option to 'Transfer to Xbox.'

This shows up when you swipe up while in a call.

Tapping the transfer option will redirect you to the Xbox mobile app.

Select the 'Transfer Voice' option from the Xbox app, and you will be connected to the discord channel from your Xbox console.

The whole process might seem tedious, but once you've linked all the relevant apps, it'll be a breeze for you to connect with your friends.

Hassan Sajid

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