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Microsoft creates a webpage for its Activision Blizzard acquisition

The company makes a case for its Activision Blizzard acquisition amidst ongoing regulatory reviews.

Microsoft Creates A Webpage For Its Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Microsoft has launched a new webpage to help explain the details of its Activision Blizzard acquisition and highlight the benefits of it to the gaming industry, game creators, and gamers, as regulatory approval draw nearer.

The proposed $68.7 billion deal has been highly scrutinized by many in the industry who believe it will give the company an unfair advantage.

The new webpage states Microsoft’s vision for gaming with the subtitle "More choice and more games for people everywhere."

The vision reads:

Players and developers are at the center of Xbox. We want to enable people to play games anywhere, anytime and on any device. And developers deserve more options to build, distribute and monetize their groundbreaking games. When we do this, we all win. That’s why we’re sharing more on the industry and how our acquisition of Activision-Blizzard fits into our gaming strategy.

The European Commission has until November 8 to approve the acquisition or investigate it further.
The European Commission has until November 8 to approve the acquisition or investigate it further.

The website provides the latest updates on the acquisition’s status, a chart on the gaming industry’s revenue history, the company’s commitment to the gaming industry, a collection of quotes from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith, and an interview with Spencer. In addition, the website also has a table detailing the benefits of the Xbox + Activision Blizzard merger.

According to the table, Microsoft believes the acquisition will result in more games across all platforms, increased choices for gamers; better payment system flexibility, more support, and improved revenue and fair marketplace rules for developers; and more competition in mobile and traditional gaming, alongside a much-improved workplace culture for the video game industry at large.

Given the scrutiny that surrounds the deal as well as the massive $3 billion compensation Microsoft will have to pay Activision Blizzard if the deal fails for breaching anti-trust laws, it is certainly understandable that the company has chosen to take this step. At the moment, the deal is facing regulatory reviews by the United States FTC and the United Kingdom’s CMA, among others.

If the acquisition succeeds, it will see Microsoft in control of one of the biggest video game publishing companies in the world, as well as some of the most popular titles across both traditional and mobile gaming industries in Candy Crush, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.

Couple that with the fact the company does not intend to stop buying studios and you can begin to understand people’s fears.

Recently, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella expressed his confidence that the deal will succeed. However, this step proves the company believes the proposed acquisition can use all the help it can get to get over the finish line.

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