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Microsoft Confirms Outriders on Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Outriders will now essentially launch for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.
Outriders will now essentially launch for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Initially slated to release alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, People Can Fly and Square Enix's looter-shooter, Outriders, has since been delayed to April 1. However, despite this, the game has managed to capture the hearts of fans. In particular, because the developer decided to release a fully playable free demo of the game with transferrable progress.

With that said, People Can Fly will have even more fans now that Microsoft has officially confirmed that Outriders be available on the Xbox Game Pass at Day One.

Outriders Will Be Free for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Microsoft first teased the possibility of an Xbox Game Pass release for Outriders over the weekend. However, most thought nothing much of it. This is especially since Outriders is expected to release on April 1, which is a day infamous for people pulling pranks.

With that said, Outriders being available for free is definitely a reality now.

Microsoft announced it on March 15 via an official blog post, assuring fans that it's not an April Fool's joke and that Outriders will indeed be available on the Xbox Game Pass starting April 1. This means that players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription will no longer need to pay for the full game anymore to play it.

Microsoft's video game subscription service is available on multiple platforms. This includes the Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, as well as Windows 10. Android devices are also able to access Xbox Game Pass titles via xCloud.

Microsoft Is Playing to Win With Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has played second fiddle to Sony as far as consoles go. They've never won against Sony in terms of units sold in the past. In fact, even though their latest console, Xbox Series X, is more powerful than the PlayStation 5, it remains a tough buy for a lot of players, mainly because of the lack of exclusive titles for the platform.

However, with Microsoft's recent moves in improving the Xbox Game Pass, players who have yet to decide between the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 might find it easier to make a decision now.

With the PlayStation 5 not as readily available for a lot of people, the Xbox Series X now holds a lot more value due to how many more titles are now available on the Xbox Game Pass. In addition to Outriders on April 1, Microsoft recently added 20 of the best Bethesda titles on the subscription service to help celebrate their acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

Microsoft currently has three different membership plans available for their platforms. Namely, this is the Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Of the three, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most expensive. It's priced at $14.99 a month but can be canceled at any time. However, it includes both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, which costs $9.99 a month each. This will then allow you access to exclusive game discounts, as well as the Xbox Game Pass library of games, and online play.

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