Microsoft admits that PS4 outsold the Xbox One by a huge margin

We haven't had official sales figures for the Xbox One for around 7 years but Microsoft admits that the numbers doesn't come close to the PS4.

It's not often that a competitor concedes and admits that the other company's products are better or that they were outsold. So, when that happens, it's always worth taking notes.

Microsoft Admits Ps Outsold Xbox One
Outselling the PS4 was always a tall ask, but lagging behind by half is pretty bad.

Case in point, Microsoft revealed just how many more units the PS4 sold compared to the Xbox One.

According to new court documents from Microsoft, the total sales figures of the Xbox One isn't even half of the PlayStation 4.

This is what Microsoft said in documents sent to Brazil's national competition regulator as translated by The Verge:

Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and installed base, having sold more than twice as many Xbox [consoles] in the last generation.

It's no secret that the PS4 sold better compared to the Xbox One. It was always a matter of, "by how much?" After Microsoft stopped reporting the official sales numbers of the Xbox One in 2016, we've only used rough estimates.

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Wikipedia lists that the Xbox One has sold roughly 51 million units throughout its lifetime. On the other hand, Sony stopped making more PS4 units earlier this year, leaving its total at 117.2 million.

This would coincide with Microsoft's claims that the PS4 sold more than twice as many Xbox One consoles. Unfortunately, without the official numbers from Microsoft, we'll never know how many Xbox One units it managed to sell.

Microsoft Admits Ps Outsold Xbox One
We're hoping that the Xbox Series S/X sells better against the PS5 if only so that the two companies will want to outdo each other.

Microsoft continues to fight several legal battles as it pushes to acquire Activision Blizzard. Until the deal closes, several regulatory groups and governments will take their time scrutinizing the buyout.

It won't help Microsoft's case that Sony worries that the purchase will give Microsoft an unfair advantage. Then again, Sony isn't without fault. Microsoft says that its rival is intentionally blocking developers from adding games to the Game Pass.

Speaking of Microsoft, the tech giant will join Gamescom 2022. Among other companies confirmed for this month's gaming showcase is Ubisoft.

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