Michael B. Jordan to star in Rainbow 6 movie

The popular video game franchise is based on the novel written by author Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is one of the most loved team-based shooter series from Ubisoft. The game is based on the 1998 novel of the same name. Now, Rainbow Six will be getting a new movie adaptation starring Michael B. Jordan.

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Michael B. Jordan will be returning as John Clark in the sequel to Without Remorse.

Rainbow Six is a sequel to the 2021 film Without Remorse. In the upcoming film, Jordan will reprise his role as US Navy SEAL operator John Clark. The character is popular among fans of the Tom Clancy novels.

Without Remorse did not have a theatrical run due to Covid-19 and debuted on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The movie ended with Clark proposing the creation of a multinational counter-terrorism team which is codenamed Rainbow.

Rainbow Six follows the formation of the counter-terrorism team based in Hereford, England. The team consists of elite operators from NATO countries with Clark serving as the commanding officer. Domingo "Ding" Chavez leads one of the Rainbow teams.

The team tries to stop a series of terrorist attacks only to uncover an even bigger conspiracy. Rainbow will eventually stop an ecoterrorist plot that threatens to wipe out a majority of the world’s population.

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Rainbow is a counter-terrorism team composed of elite soldiers from NATO countries.

Chad Stahelski has been tapped to direct the upcoming Tom Clancy movie. Stahelski is best known for directing the John Wick movie franchise. The next entry to the series will be John Wick: Chapter 4 which premieres on March 24, 2023.

Principal photography for Rainbow Six is expected to start once John Wick 4 debuts in theaters. No other cast members have been announced at this point.

It will be interesting to see how Stahelski applies his gritty and fast-paced action sequences to Rainbow Six. The early entries into the game series were lauded for the realism of their gunfights and movement. It will be amazing if Rainbow Six features some of the John Wick-style gunfights.

Having Stahelski onboard may give the Tom Clancy movie series a shot in the arm. Without Remorse wasn’t very well received by audiences and fans of the novel. While the movie remained somewhat faithful to the source material, the film did not impress viewers.

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Ubisoft may not be involved in the production of the movie.

Rainbow Six is expected to have a theatrical release as the restrictions on theater operations have loosened up significantly since the release of Without Remorse. The upcoming film is still expected to premiere on Amazon Prime after its theatrical run as it is being distributed by Amazon Studios,

There is no mention of Ubisoft being involved in the project in any capacity at this point. The film is a joint venture between Paramount Pictures, Outlier Society Productions, Weed Road Pictures, The Saw Mill Productions, and 87Eleven Entertainment.

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