Metroid Dread: Latest News, Release Date, Trailer, and More

19 years. This is how long it's been since we saw an original 2D Metroid game release following Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance. But, before 2021 ends, we're going to get a new 2D Metroid title that apparently will serve as a sequel to Fusion.

After nearly two decades of remakes and spin-offs, Nintendo has released a brand-new Metroid game.
After nearly two decades of remakes and spin-offs, Nintendo has released a brand-new Metroid game.

At the moment, we don't have a lot of information about Dread (or Metroid 5, if that's what you want to call it).

But here's everything that we know of Dread that's been confirmed, as well as everything else that's been leaked and rumored, and things that we wish would be announced soon.

Is There a Metroid Dread Trailer?

If you haven't already watched the Metroid Dread trailer, we recommend that you do it right now. It's the only source of credible information available about Metroid Dread so far. Be sure to check it out above.

From what we can tell in the trailer, it looks like the galaxy's finest bounty hunter, Samus Race, is going to face off against the E.M.M.I. However, before we can find out more about the upcoming robot antagonists, the trailer switches to show audiences different sections of the gameplay in action.

It certainly looks like Samus will be jumping, running, and shooting her way through all sorts of challenging obstacles with her signature Morph Ball transformation still looking as glorious as it did decades ago.

When Is the Metroid Dread Release Date?

Metroid Dread is scheduled for an October 2021 release date.
Metroid Dread is scheduled for an October 2021 release date.

Unlike the Breath of the Wild sequel that only had a release window (and a very wide one at that), Nintendo gave Metroid Dread a very specific release date.

According to Nintendo at E3 2021, Metroid Dread will be available for the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

Can You Buy a Metroid Dread Amiibo and Special Edition?

Here's a look at the amiibo for Metroid Dread.
Here's a look at the amiibo for Metroid Dread.

The standard edition of Metroid Dread is available for $60 in both physical and digital formats. The game is already available for you to pre-order if you want to get your hands on it earlier.

For $90, you can get yourself a Metroid Dread Special Edition that will come with the base game, a steel bookcase, an art book, five art cards that reportedly will represent each game in the mainline Metroid games. Yes, you read that right. There have only been five mainline Metroid games. The rest have been either remakes or spin-offs.

As expected, Nintendo will also be releasing Metroid Dread with its own amiibo. The amiibo retails for $30 and will include both E.M.M.I and Samus.

What’s The Gameplay of Metroid Dread Like?

After ending the Nintendo Direct showcase, Nintendo released a video about Metroid Dread detailing the gameplay design, as well as how its story will tie into the older Metroid games. You can check it out above if you want. We recommend it.

To summarize what the six-minute video is all about, it's basically just a re-telling of everything that was revealed of Metroid Dread at E3 2021. However, it does contain more gameplay footage with a deeper look at all of Samus' new abilities.

Then again, anyone who's ever played a Metroid or Metroidvania game before should know what to expect already. The original Metroid, along with the Castlevania games, was what gave birth to the entire Metroidvania genre (hence, the name). Meanwhile, as far as the story goes, Nintendo says that Metroid Dread will see the end of the story arc that kicked off in 1986's original Metroid game.

This is good news for fans who have been asking for Nintendo to give Samus some closure after the events of Metroid Fusion.

Will Nintendo Still Be Releasing Metroid Prime 4?

Yes. Fans of Samus' 3D adventures in the Metroid Prime games don't need to worry. Nintendo is still working on Metroid Prime 4. In fact, it has a chance to be even better than what was first revealed back in 2017.

Metroid Prime 4 was rebooted in 2019 with Nintendo announcing that it had placed Retro Studios, the same studio behind the first three Metroid Prime games, as the lead developers of Metroid Prime 4.

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