Watch Megan Fox in a see-through dress celebrate Diablo 4 deaths

Megan Fox has never been shy about being a gamer and wearing daring dresses, both sides of which she taps into for Diablo 4.

If we're being honest, we're surprised Blizzard didn't ask Megan Fox to cosplay as Lilith for the promotion.

When the hellish sanctuaries of Diablo 4 and the glamor of Hollywood collide, you know you're in for a hellishly good time.

We're talking about none other than the award-winning actress, Megan Fox, making her entrance into the fierce world of Blizzard’s much-lauded action RPG, now available on multiple platforms.

As part of Blizzard's nth unique campaign for Diablo 4 (don't forget, Blizzard literally offered to clean up after Diablo 4 players during one of its beta runs), Megan Fox, is set to pay homage to the brave warriors who fell in the darkest corners of Diablo 4's Sanctuary.

Fox, whose best roles are the first two Transformers films and the cult classic horror-comedy, Jennifer's Body, brings her distinctive style and her panache, amplifying the enthralling allure of the campaign in a way that only she can.

Megan Fox's career is going through a bit of a resurgence after laying low following her peak in the late 2000s.

Fox marked her recent return to social media with a tantalizing Instagram video where she invites players to share their last moments in the brutal and bloody world of Diablo 4. She teases her followers, and gamers alike, that she might even provide a personalized eulogy, heralding their exploits in the face of unspeakable evil. The darker the death, the Fox will relish it, who's no stranger to the sight of blood.

Fox has promised to celebrate the fallen heroes or mock the ones who go out in less than glorious fashion, saying:

If there's one thing I love, it's the sight of blood. And in Diablo 4, there are rivers of it. Show me youir worst in-game death #DiabloDeaths and you might get a eulogy from yours truly, telling the world that you went out like a hero. Or a chump.

This interaction has led to an eruption of excitement within the gaming community. The event, dubbed as #DiabloDeaths, invites players to share their character's untimely demise on social media platforms. Then, on June 8, Fox will do her part, reciting eulogies to commemorate the best (or worst) in-game Diablo 4 deaths.

Judging by how many gamers are fans of the sultry actress, it's surprising that Blizzard took this long to reveal the marketing promo.

If nothing else, this should guarantee that Diablo 4 keeps on selling well after already becoming the fastest-selling Blizzard game in history as the development team works hard at releasing the game's two expansions.

It's hard to believe that the Transformers films were some of Megan Fox's first projects in Hollywood.

As for Fox, her affinity for Diablo 4 is perfectly in line with her persona. Unbeknownst to many, Fox has a keen interest in gaming. She's previously been interviewed where she revealed that she loves playing Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty, among others. Her affinity for blood - both on and off the screen - aligns brilliantly with the bloody and hellish escapades Diablo 4 can offer.

As a cherry on top, Fox's promotional appearance sees her wearing a revealing black corset dress. The ensemble, like the actress herself, is a perfect reflection of the grim and gothic aesthetic of Diablo 4, adding another layer of intrigue to the entire campaign.

The Diablo 4 promotion has infused a sense of riveting suspense within the gaming community, as players now have one more reason to strive to immortalize their gaming prowess (or lack thereof) with the help of Fox's sultry voice.

Jennifer's Body has become a cult classic and a favourite among feminists.

So, gamers, if you have an embarrassing death that you're willing to share, now's your time to shine, or rather, die! Let the Hollywood actress send off your character in style, as you strive to vanquish the horrors of Sanctuary, one demon at a time.

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