Mauer Der Toten Complete Solo Easter Egg (Valentina) Optimal Low Round Guide

Crafting Headgear & Round Manipulation

Start killing zombies one by one until one drops the Blazer variant of the wonder weapon. We kill zombies one by one to minimize the number of zombies we kill.

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Pick up the Blazer mod kit, and you should now have the Blazer variant of the wonder weapon. We need to use the wonder weapon now to collect three pieces to craft a headgear on Klaus.

Antenna - Piece #1

The first piece is found by shooting the radio tower at Apartment Rooftop, the spawn location.

Transistor - Piece #2

One of the three radios drops the second piece inside the electronics store on East Berlin Street.

The following are the three radio locations inside the electronics store:

  • Radio Location 1

  • Radio Location 2
  • Radio Location 3

The piece can be dropped by any one of the radios randomly.

Electronic Boards - Piece #3

The third and final piece is dropped by shooting at a metal box located at the Ghost Station just above the reception window.

Once you have all the pieces, make your way to the safe house and craft the headgear on Klaus. As we haven't killed any zombies, there will be a lot of them. You can use your Aether Shroud to craft it on Klaus easily.

After crafting, activate Klaus for 2,000 points and quickly command him back to the Sewer Access area next to the secret lab entrance revealed earlier.

When you reach the Sewer Access, use your Blazer variant of the wonder weapon to destroy the secret lab door but DO NOT ENTER YET.

When Klaus gets there, wait for him to kill all the zombies on this round and let it end. Klaus needs all the kills he can get so that we can upgrade him later. This is the reason why we saved the zombies until now. This helps us complete this easter egg at lower rounds.

A piece of crucial information: when you enter the lab, the round automatically skips. This is why as soon as Klaus kills the last zombie on round 10, enter the secret lab so that it doesn't skip and stay on round 11. If you enter the lab at any other time, the round skips. Entering the lab as the round is already changing won't do that.

When inside, if it's round 11, it should be a Tormentor round. Command Klaus to the middle of the lab and let him get all the kills on this round as well. We need him to get as many kills as possible. Keep getting kills until he runs out of battery.

Inside the lab, you will find a huge portal in the middle.

You will also find a conversion unit and a machine by the wall with an orange bubble shield around them.

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