Mattson Tomlin to co-write Batman 2 script with Matt Reeves

We finally got some good news about Batman 2 amidst all the axing that's been going on at Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Batman is the first DC Comics movie in years to curb the trend and actually make far more than it cost. Although Matt Reeves' take on the dark knight wasn't enough to reach $1 billion at the global box office, its critical and commercial success was enough to generate talks of a sequel.

Mattson Tomlin Co Write Batman Script Matt Reeves
Technically, Warner Bros. hasn't given The Batman sequel the greenlight yet.

Earlier this year, we got the news that Robert Pattinson and the rest of the crew were poised to come back for a follow-up. But, with Warner Bros. Discovery dropping projects like Batgirl, we couldn't help but worry. Thankfully, the latest development should help put eager fans at ease.

According to Deadline, co-writer and director, Matt Reeves, as well as Peter Craig, are both already working on the script for The Batman 2. More importantly, writer, Mattson Tomlin, is finally getting what he deserves as he's now credited as a co-writer for the sequel.

Unfortunately, this is all that we have to go on about The Batman 2 at the moment.

Mattson Tomlin Co Write Batman Script Matt Reeves
We wouldn't be surprised if we don't see The Batman 2 until 2024 if not 2025.

Batman 2's future was always up in the air after Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed earlier this year that it's looking for its own Kevin Feige. Even if Batman is technically not part of the DC Extended Universe, the individual hired to oversee the struggling cinematic universe's future could deem it unnecessary. With this confirmation, we probably don't have to wait for too long for an official announcement. Either way, this shouldn't change the fact The Batman 2 is still "years away" from coming out.

If it's any consolation, we got a similar tease about the Joker sequel's script earlier this year before Lady Gaga broke the news about its release date and title. Fingers crossed, we'll hear Warner Bros. give the film an actual greenlight in the next few months.

In the meantime, hopefully we're close to getting intel about the several other DC TV shows planned to help expand the Batman franchise.

Mattson Tomlin Co Write Batman Script Matt Reeves
Hopefully, by the time The Batman 2 hits theaters, we'll have had other spin-off shows to tide us over in the interim.

Speaking of the DCEU, fans can look forward to seeing more caped and non-caped heroes fly into action to save the day later this year. The anti-hero, Black Adam, is set to hit theaters on October 21. Meanwhile, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will be available to watch on the big screen on December 21.

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