Matt Smith might have just confirmed House of the Dragon Season 3

The English actor who plays fan-favorite character, Daemon Targaryen, let details of a potential third season slip in a recent interview.

House of the Dragon is the biggest show of the year, by far. It hasn't reached final season of Game of Thrones levels yet, but as of the latest tally, House of the Dragon has beaten all but the final two seasons of Game of Thrones in terms of viewership.

Matt Smith Confirmed House Of The Dragon Season
We're pretty sure we just heard the collective shrieking from all of Matt Smith's fan girls after he just let it slip that House of the Dragon is getting a third season.

But, while the Game of Thrones spin-off has been mostly without flaws, it has had its fair share of criticism-worthy decisions. Case in point, fans believe that House of the Dragon is playing around with the time jumps too much. We've already seen several years pass in only a span of five episodes, which is definitely worth calling out. The good news is that the time jumps are about to end soon.

According to Matt Smith, who plays the daredevil rogue prince, Daemon Targaryen, House of the Dragon's time jumps are over. Not only that, but it appears that House of the Dragon will be around for quite a while.

Here's what Smith shared in the Happy Sad Confused podcast during an interview with Josh Horowitz:

Once we make the jump, we’re in. I’m pretty sure from then on there’s not any big huge time jumps, particularly next season and the one after.

Of course, the jump that Smith is referring to is the big one. In its sixth episode, House of the Dragon will see nearly a dozen casting changes. Of course, the main highlight is the shift from Milly Alcock's Rhaenyra Targaryen and Emily Carey's Alicent Hightower to Emma D'Arcy and Olivia Cooke, respectively.

But, we're pretty sure seeing other characters go from toddlers to kids and then teenagers or adults in a single episode (or maybe two) will be just as jarring of an experience.

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Ultimately, Smith just revealed two great things about House of the Dragon going forward. After confirming the second season last month, it's likely only a matter of time before HBO makes the third season official.

Matt Smith Confirmed House Of The Dragon Season
It's evident that HBO sees the first season of House of the Dragon as two halves of what could've potentially been two seasons worth of content.

Unfortunately, given how long it took to go from the initial announcement to the first trailer and the actual release of House of the Dragon, we're not expecting to see Season 2 anytime soon. But, hey, we'd be glad to be proven wrong. After all, the last we heard, HBO was already working on House of the Dragon Season 2.

Who knows? If the ratings keep up, HBO could renew House of the Dragon for its fourth season and decide to take its sweet time exploring the upcoming Dance of the Dragons as opposed to rushing us from one scene to another. We're pretty sure most Game of Thrones fans still haven't forgiven D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for that travesty.

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