Matt Reeves reveals The Penguin series will set up The Batman 2

Colin Farrell will star as the titular character in The Penguin set to start filming soon.

With a box office gross of $770.8 million, The Batman was one of the most successful movies of 2022. The film was intended as the first of a trilogy and also spawned two spin-offs. Now, The Batman’s director Matt Reeves has stated that one of the spinoffs, an untitled limited series based on the Penguin, will set up The Batman 2.

Matt Reeves confirmed that The Penguin will start filming soon.

Reeves made this revelation during a recent interview with Collider’s editor-in-chief, Steven Weintraub, where he discussed the upcoming show that will see Colin Farrell reprise his role as one of Batman’s mortal enemies and revealed they will start shooting the show very soon.

In Reeves’s words, "There's actually a whole little fabric of things we're wanting to do, the way we're doing with [the] Penguin and how that comes back into how that will lead into the sequel, and what that sequel is going to be."

While the Penguin character, whose real name is Oswald Oz Cobblepot, featured in the Reeves-directed The Batman, it was in a supporting role as the chief lieutenant of the most powerful mobster in the city Carmine Falcone. However, following the events of The Batman which saw Falcone eliminated, Oz will attempt to fill the giant-sized hole left by his boss and take over the city’s criminal structure.

While there is little to no information on the untitled show, Farrell revealed in an earlier interview that it will be set a week after the events of The Batman at a period when Gotham City is still underwater. He also revealed that the miniseries will have a runtime that will last between 6 and 8 hours.

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The Batman 2 is still sometime away as the script is still in development.

By the way, Warner Bros. Discovery tied Reeves down to a long contract following the success of The Batman to ensure he will be around for more projects. While the untitled Penguin series is one of these projects, the director revealed in early 2022 that he is also working on an untitled series that will be based on the Arkham State Hospital. Later that year, in October, Antonio Campos was hired to serve as showrunner for the series. Alongside this, Campos will also direct and serve as one of the show’s executive producers.

During the interview, Reeves also revealed there are other things they have planned some of which have him excited. Given that The Penguin and the untitled Arkham-based series is old news, there is a possibility the screenwriter and producer is working on even more Batman-based projects.

At the moment, there is no detail on The Batman 2 asides from Reeves’s revelation that he is working on a script with Mattson Tomlin. As a result, fans of the Caped Crusader will have to wait a while to see him on their screens. Nevertheless, they will be glad The Batman 2 wasn’t canceled at all given Warner Bros. Discovery's moves since its recent merger.

The Penguin is in development and will reportedly begin filming in 2023.

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