Matt Reeves is open to returning for a Cloverfield sequel

Reeves says "never say never" to a potential sequel to the found-footage horror film from 2008.

2008's Cloverfield represented a paradigm shift in the horror film industry. Although found-footage flicks weren't new at the time, it was arguably the first to take what's supposed to create a more intimate setting and throw in a building-sized monster into the mix. Perhaps then it shouldn't come as a surprise that fans have been asking for a direct sequel to Cloverfield, to which the film's director, Matt Reeves, only had positive things to say.

matt reeves open returning cloverfield sequel
Cloverfield made over 0 million against a million budget at the global box office in 2008.

In a recent interview with, Reeves revealed that he's open to coming back to direct Cloverfield, saying:

I think if another story were to present itself where I was like, 'Gosh I have to tell that story.' It's not impossible. I wouldn't say that's a for sure thing, but I would never say never.

Cloverfield is a part of a franchise that didn't initially start that way. The two sequels, 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox, which came out in 2016 and 2018, respectively, were standalone feature films that were changed from spiritual successors to actual sequels. But, a direct sequel to the 2008 found-footage horror film has never been made, which might open the door to Matt Reeves' return.

However, Reeves will find himself hard-pressed to find time to do a Cloverfield sequel anytime soon.

matt reeves open returning cloverfield sequel
If we're being honest, we're still not quite sure about the Cloverfield franchise is all about.

At the moment, Reeves is in the middle of building the BatVerse following the success of last year's critically-acclaimed hit, The Batman. Reeves is set to meet with James Gunn to discuss the future of the budding cinematic universe, which may or may not include a Penguin spin-off starring Colin Farrell and two other TV shows revolving around the Gotham City Police Department and Arkham Asylum.

As for the Cloverfield franchise, a fourth entry is currently in the works.

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