Never get lost with Master Chief as your Waze guide

There's also the option to change your car's appearance into a Warthog.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer might have said that Halo Infinite is not a "make it or break it" game for the Halo franchise, but actions speak louder than words.

You can now drive around with either Master Chief or Escharum giving you directions.

As we approach the game's expected holiday 2021 release window, Microsoft is doubling down on its marketing campaigns for Halo. Most recently, we saw the franchise's poster vehicle, the Warthog, make a surprise appearance at the world premiere of Ryan Reynold's latest movie, Free Guy.

In addition to this, there's Microsoft's latest partnership with international doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme, which also helped confirm that Halo Infinite is indeed going to release in late 2021.

For Microsoft's latest effort, the software giant has teamed up with an old tech buddy in Google to add Halo-themed content in Waze.

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What is Master Chief doing in Waze?

Driving around town has never felt more epic, thanks to Microsoft's recent partnership with Google for Waze.

As part of Microsoft's team up with Google, Waze app users can now choose Master Chief as the voice that tells them when and where to turn left or right. If you're feeling a bit more antagonistic, you can also choose to get your directions from the leader of the Banished, the antagonists of Halo Infinite, Escharum.

To top it off, Microsoft also added a several other features that will help you Halofy Waze on your daily drives. This includes letting you choose to have your vehicle pop up on the screen as either a Ghost or as a Warthog.

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If you'd like to try out the Halo experience, all you have to do is to open up the Waze menu and tap on the "Drive with Master Chief" button. After this, you can start selecting either Master Chief or Escharum either as a Mood, car icon, and/or navigation voice. Using either as a Mood is a sure-fire way to get other Halo fans to recognize you on the road.

If there are enough of you driving around, don't be surprised if your map looks a lot like how multiplayer racing matches would appear in the game.

According to the official announcement, the Halo promotion was released globally. Unfortunately, the voice directions of both Master Chief and Escharum are only available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Also, don't expect this to last forever. The blog clearly states that it's only available for a limited amount of time.

So, if you're looking to do some spirited Halo-themed driving, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible and for as long as you can.

Speaking of Halo, the most recent technical test just concluded. If you weren't invited or were not able to participate, don't worry. Even if it's not a sure thing yet, 343 Industries intends to hold another one pretty soon. There's also a potential beta test in the coming weeks, in case the studio decides to drop its initial plans for a second technical test.

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