Massive Animal Crossing update arrives much earlier than expected

Nintendo confirmed that it wouldn't launch its Animal Crossing update until November 5 only to release it just a few days earlier.

2021's been full of delays. There's a laundry list of video games and updates that have been postponed for a few months if not a full year or longer. However, in a rare occurrence, a massive video game update has actually arrived earlier. It's safe to say that the arrival of the aforementioned update left players a bit confused.

In a year full of delays, 2.0's early arrival is a breath of fresh air.

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Nintendo releases Animal Crossing update early

Perhaps the early update is Nintendo's way of sending off New Horizons.

A week ago, we found out that Nintendo was going to release the Happy Home Paradise update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Back then, most believed that Nintendo was going to release the said update for New Horizons on November 5.

But, as it turns out, Nintendo had a sweet surprise for audiences as it ended up launching the free 2.0 update earlier by a couple of days, sans Happy Home Paradise.

We found out the free New Horizons update at the most recent Nintendo Direct showcase. It adds a bunch of new functionality into the game, including newer designs, boat tours, more items, larger storage spaces, as well as the addition of Brewster's coffee shop, among other things.

Most fans believe that the early 2.0 update release for New Horizons is an attempt by Nintendo to save face. Just right around the time that Happy Home Paradise was revealed, Nintendo also launched the Nintendo Switch Online "expansion pack". The trailer for Nintendo's latest paid feature ended up setting a record low for the company as it became the console manufacturer's most disliked video.

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Up until now, Nintendo has not explained the reason behind the early arrival of the free 2.0 update for New Horizons. Either way, 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise are now both available in New Horizons.

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