Bioware drops massive Mass Effect 4 teaser for N7 day

Fans are already busy speculating what the latest Mass Effect 4 teaser image means for the future of the franchise.

The last new Mass Effect game was released in 2017 and its failure effectively put the franchise on hold. Thankfully, we got the news that a new Mass Effect game was in development back in December 2020. A few months later, EA and Bioware threw Mass Effect fans a bone with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is a remastered bundle of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

It appears that the Geth will continue to play a massive role in Mass Effect 4.

Fast forward to N7 day for 2021 and Bioware decided to surprise us with a massive Mass Effect 4 teaser.

Are the Geth the bad guys in Mass Effect 4?

Some fans believe that this piece of armor belongs to Commander Shepherd or the Normandy ship. Others think that it's from Legion.

N7 day is an official celebration that BioWare has embraced every year since Mass Effect was released more than a decade ago. The origin comes from the N7 designation that is given to the most proficient members of the Alliance military's special forces, including the series' longtime protagonist, Commander Shepherd. Almost every year, BioWare has announced something Mass Effect related on November 7.

For 2021, BioWare dropped a brief but massive teaser that appeared to hint at the role that the Geth would play in Mass Effect 4.

Even if it's not news that BioWare is working on a new Mass Effect game, it is a big deal that the studio decided to release a new poster.

BioWare is a studio known for dropping big clues and revelations in posters. As a result, Mass Effect fans are dissecting every part of the latest Mass Effect 4 teaser. In particular, the thing that stands out the most about the poster is the white, black, and red color scheme of the shuttle. This is similar to the SSV Normandy SR-1 from the first Mass Effect game. Also, when you do zoom in on the image, you can make out what appears to be Liara T'Soni in the front along with a Krogan flanking the left.

The other two are a bit hard to distinguish, but some are saying that one of the crew members in the poster is a Salarian (Mordin Solus' race) while the other could be a Drell (Thane's race) or Angaran (Jaal's race).

Another potential clue that BioWare might have left in the poster is that the crater the crew is walking into looks a lot like a Geth's face.

Legion is a fan favorite and most would love to see them return in Mass Effect 4.

The Geth are a race of networked artificial intelligence created by the Quarians either as tools of war and laborers. Unfortunately, as the AI became sentient, a war broke out between the Quarians and the Geth. This resulted in a war that the Geth won. After this, the remaining Quarians were forced to live as a race of nomads with no permanent home. Meanwhile, the Geth retreated way beyond the Perseus Veil.

It's telling that BioWare is using the likeness of a Geth in the poster, suggesting that the race of artificial intelligence will play a key role in Mass Effect 4.

The Perseus Veil is a relatively unexplored area in Mass Effect. Who knows what the Geth have been up to while the rest of the universe was busy fighting the reapers? Maybe the planet that Liara T'Soni was exploring in the first trailer for Mass Effect 4 is located in the Perseus Veil? If we take this theory even further, it might be that the piece of armor that Liara found didn't belong to Commander Shepherd, but to Legion? The Geth squad member did salvage a piece of Shephard's N7 armor and used it to create its suit. We know it's a stretch, but at this point, all we can do is to speculate and wait for more news.

Here's to hoping that BioWare drops more Mass Effect news before the next N7 day arrives.

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