Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda: Trailer, Release Date, and More

Marvel's Avengers superhero roster is about to get bigger with the addition of Black Panther scheduled for later this year.

Marvels Avengers War For Wakanda
The War for Wakanda expansion will bring Black Panther into the fold as the 9th playable character in Marvel's Avengers.

In its biggest update yet, Crystal Dynamics' Marvel's Avengers will add Wakanda's King and Ruler, T'Challa, as well as Ulysses Klaw, and other characters associated with the technologically advanced nation.

When Is The War for Wakanda Release Date

Marvels Avengers War For Wakanda
The two Hawkeyes were added to Marvel's Avengers three months apart, which suggests a similar timeline for the addition of the Black Panther to Marvel's Avengers.

So far, the War for Wakanda expansion for Marvel's Avengers has no fixed release date as of yet. Instead, Crystal Dynamics gave fans a release window of "Summer and Beyond" and "later this year". This means that it could arrive anytime between June to September later this year, if not until the Holiday season.

There is some good news though.

If we were to take a look at Marvel's Avengers' short history of adding new characters to the game, they've followed a three-month cycle so far. After releasing in September 2020, Kate Bishop or Hawkeye II was added in December 2020. Meanwhile, the original Hawkeye, also known as Clint Barton, added to the game in March 2021.

With that said, we may get a chance to see Black Panther, if not another character, added to Marvel's Avengers in June 2021.

What Is Included in the War for Wakanda Expansion?

The War for Wakanda expansion was first revealed in the first-ever Square Enix Presents showcase. However, the initial announcement didn't really come with many details regarding what's to come.

So far, all we know is that there's a war going on against Wakanda, just as the name implies.

Apparently, Ulysses Klaw, a longtime enemy of Wakanda, has teamed up with Monica Rappucini, the scientist supreme of the supervillain organization, A.I.M. The story sees the two of them teaming up to try and attempt to steal some of Wakanda's highly-coveted metal, Vibranium.

With his people and his nation in danger, T'Challa will ask the Avengers to help him tip the scales of war towards his favor.

Of course, being that this is a completely different Black Panther and T'Challa from the late Chadwick Boseman's portrayal in the MCU universe, expect the update to teach players more about this Black Panther's history with this world's Avengers.

This should already go without saying but the War for Wakanda will add a brand new biome for players. Later, in a blog post, the developers clarified that the update will also come with an increase in max Power Level, as well as a new enemy faction.

What’s Next for Marvel’s Avengers?

Marvels Avengers War For Wakanda
Filled with release windows instead of release dates, the 2021 roadmap for Marvel's Avengers at least gives players a chance to know what's coming to the game this year.

The War for Wakanda expansion is the long-awaited confirmation of an earlier tease from the September 2020 War Table. However, in addition to the new expansion, there were other things announced for Marvel's Avengers during the March 2021 Square Enix Presents event as well.

One of the key highlights of the said presentation was the full roadmap detailing everything expected to come to Marvel's Avengers in 2021.

After the Future Imperfect update is the Tachyon Anomaly event. This will make Tachyron Rift missions available to all players. Not only that, but it will also let players use multiple instances of the same hero for the first time ever.

Following this, Marvel's Avengers will have a Black Widow movie tie-in event titled the Red Room Takeover. This will add new themes, features, and outfits, to the HARM rooms all based on the Black Widow movie.

Once the two Spring events are over, Crystal Dynamics' promised even more events coming in the Summer and beyond. This includes a brand new Cosmic Cube event where players will get a chance to play in a brand-new Cosmic Cube Villain Sector where they'll have to put a stop to Monica's plans on using the power of the Cosmic Cube for her own good.

Afterward, players will get a chance to "complete quests and earn rewards without the constraints of a mission," with the new Wasteland Patrol update and its Patrol Mode missions. Other things that will be added to the game along with the update include War Zones and more missions set in the Wasteland region of the game.

Unfortunately, all of these upcoming events and updates come with a vague release window instead of a fixed release date. At this point, only Crystal Dynamics know when Marvel's Avengers will actually receive these updates.

In the meantime, Crystal Dynamics did promise that they will continue working on the game. This includes fixing balance issues, improving the gear and progression system, making matchmaking better, and so on.

Is Spider-Man Coming to Marvel’s Avengers?

Any fan following Marvel's Avengers closely will quickly notice the exclusion of one of Marvel's biggest heroes from the roadmap. We're talking about Spider-Man and how he's not included in Crystal Dynamics' plans for the game in 2021.

This seems like a weird omission, to say the least. It's been a while since the developers teased the PlayStation-exclusive hero last year. Since then, fans have been waiting for a chance to play as the webhead in Marvel's Avengers. But, with Spider-Man missing from the roadmap, this begs the question of whether or not he will be coming to Marvel's Avengers.

The only thing we have to go on right now is a recent interview of Executive Producer Scott Almos with IGN, in which he clarified that they are still working on adding Spider-Man to Marvel's Avengers.

Hopefully, this means that he's coming to the game sooner rather than later.

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