Marvel gives a promising update on Harry Styles' future in the MCU

Producer Nate Moore teases there are "more stories to be told" for Styles' Eros.

Harry Styles had a short but intriguing debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Royal Prince of Titan and Brother of Thanos appeared at the end of The Eternals, offering to help the team rescue the members abducted by Arishem.

eros mcu cover
Marvel has big plans for the Royal Prince of Titan in the MCU.

Following Styles’ debut as Eros/Starfox, fans have been wondering about the character’s future in the MCU. There is speculation that Eros will play a big part in the future of the Marvel universe. However, some speculate that Styles’ was added to the movie just to create some additional hype.

Marvel producer Nate Moore recently spoke to Deadline about the future of Eros in the MCU and debunked rumors that he was added for some extra mileage.

"No, we certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag.," Moore said about the actor's role. I mean, again– And a character [that] maybe I have too much affection for, ’cause he’s had some problematic runs in publishing, but... But there are more stories to be told with that character."

eros mcu cover
That the end of The Eternals, it was revealed that Eros is an Eternal and the half-brother of Thanos.

"He has an interesting connection with Thanos; they’re half-brothers and share the same father," the producer adds. " He has an interesting power set. He’s a complicated character, but a really fun character."

Moore also revealed that Styles’ as an actor fits well in the MCU. "And I think… having met Harry Styles, he is as charming as you want him to be. And I think there’s no limit to how good that character’s going to be once we get to bring him back."

The producer also revealed that it was director Chloe Zhao that was responsible for Styles’ addition to the MCU. Zhao is reportedly a big fan of the One Direction singer and went to out of her way to sign him up for the movie.

"Chloé [Zhao] is a giant Harry Styles fan and… I’d always pitch like, ‘Eros, he’s really cool,’" Moore explains. "And she’s like, ‘It’s Harry Styles.’ And I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And she was obsessed, and chased him down, and got him into the movie."

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Marvel's Nate Moore revealed that there are more stories to be told for Eros.

At this point, we are not sure when Eros will make an appearance in the MCU. There are rumors that the Eternals 2 is already being planned. It would make sense for Styles’ to appear in the Eternals sequel as he offered his help to the team at the end of the first film. Eros and the Eternals are reportedly heading towards the World Forge to rescue the other team members and free other Eternals from the control of Arishem.

It would also be in the realm of possibility for the half-brother of Thanos to get his own origins movie. It would be interesting to learn more about his relationship with his brother and the rest of the Eternals.

What we know for certain is that Marvel has big plans for the character of Eros. Even Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is excited for Eros.

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