Married with Children animated reboot might bring back original cast

The iconic sitcom, Married with... Children, which made waves during the 90s, is reportedly returning as an animated series with the original cast members.

Married... with Children ran from 1987 to 1997, making it one of the longest-running live-action sitcoms in history. More importantly, the raunchy family sitcom broke barriers, opting to focus on the atypical Bundy family during a time when most shows would rather feature "happy" families.

Married... with Children was one of the top shows of the late 80s and throughout the 90s.

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Unfortunately, since it ended, no network has had success trying to reboot or make spin-offs, but not for the lack of trying. So far, three spin-off attempts have been canned over the years. The only one to ever air was Top of the Heap, which only ran for seven episodes. However, another one is reportedly in the works, involving the original cast coming back to reboot the iconic sitcom as an animated series.

According to Deadline, Family Guy's executive producer, Alex Carter, has gotten the original stars of Married... with Children to commit. All that is reportedly missing now is a network that will pick the project up.

Married... with Children is ripe for a spin-off, reboot, or remake. Here's to hoping it gets one of the three soon.

Of course, without a network attached, we'll have to wait a while to hear details about the Married... with Children reboot. However, if the show does find a home, it will most likely land on a streaming service like Peacock or Hulu, or maybe even Netflix. Either way, it is interesting that the reboot is animated. Rebooting the series as an animated show could help retain everything that made the original show so entertaining.

At the same time, animated shows are more accommodating to schedules and needs. This will favor the original stars if they come back. Also, Carter's involvement guarantees that the Married... With Children animated reboot will have potential.

Hopefully, this latest piece of news about Married... with Children isn't a false positive.

Speaking of reboots, Spider-Man director, Jon Watts, just stepped down from the Fantastic Four reboot. The upcoming MCU film, which isn't coming until at least 2023 if not 2024, is still part of the phase four of the billion-dollar superhero franchise.

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