Mark Wahlberg reveals insane diet to gain weight for Stu role

Mark Wahlberg reportedly ate enough calories good for multiple full-sized adults to prepare for Stu.

When you think of Mark Wahlberg, the last thought that enters your mind is him gorging on what can only be described as an inhuman amount of calories every day.

Mark Wahlberg Diet For Stu Role
Mark Wahlberg needed to gain 40 pounds for his role in Stu.

However, to prepare for his role in Stu, that's exactly what he did.

As recently revealed by the 50-year-old actor, he had to consume 11,000 calories per day for two weeks straight to gain enough mass to portray Father Stuart Long, a real-life-boxer-turned-priest in his starring role in the upcoming film, Stu.

Wahlberg finds out that eating 11,000 calories isn't easy

Mark Wahlberg Diet For Stu Role
A typical meal like this only has around 1,000 calories.

To put into context just how tough of a time Wahlberg went through to prepare for his role, the typical male adult only needs to consume around 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day. Either way you really don't want to go past 3,000 calories (or thereabouts) a day unless it's for a very specific reason.

For the fitness-obsessed actor, he needed to gain 40 pounds of weight in as little as three weeks to properly portray the main character of the movie, as the 30-day filming schedule for May 2021 loomed.

Wahlberg has committed to seeing the faith-based biopic come to fruition since 2016, and as the movie's producer, it stands to reason that Wahlberg wants to give his portrayal justice.

Judging by the photos taken from this Twitter account, it's safe to say that he has succeeded.

Getting there wasn't easy though. As Wahlberg himself revealed on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", the former rapper had to stick to a high-calorie diet that he described as being much harder than shedding weight for previous roles. He explained that he had to consume 7,000 calories a day for two weeks and then 11,000 calories a day for another two weeks, which required him to eat a meal every three hours.

His latest sentiment stands in stark contrast to when he first appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" back in April before filming started just a month later. Back then, Wahlberg was excited to eat whatever he wanted.

Mark Wahlberg Diet For Stu Role
Imagine having to eat roughly around this much a day for a month.

This kind of dedication shows just how much work actors and actresses put into properly portraying their characters. Unfortunately, just how much larger and different Wahlberg will look in the movie is something that fans will have to wait to see. The feature film currently doesn't have a release date.

As for Wahlberg, it seems like it hasn't taken him too long to regain his familiar physique. He's been busy posting photos of himself hitting the gym looking like his old ripped self on social media.

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