Level up your Mario Kart game with these TAG Heuer watches

These limited edition timepieces feature the Italian plumber that will cost you a pretty penny to get both.

It looks like Nintendo and Tag Heuer's initial Super Mario watch collaboration was a success, because the two are double dipping for another one - and the pair will cost you an arm and a leg, perhaps quite literally.

Mario Kart Tag Heuer Watches
We're surprised that Microsoft and Sony hasn't attempted to get a similar limited edition time piece made for its fans.

After working on a limited edition Super Mario watch that sells for $2,150, Tag Heuer will be releasing two new Mario Kart-based watches that sell for $4,300 and $25,600.

At $30,000 for both, you could get yourself every iteration of modern consoles all the way back from the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox Series S/X, and still have enough money to spare to splurge on games. But, we'd have to admit, Tag Heuer nailed it with the design of the limited-run products.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 X Mario Kart Limited Edition (Chronograph) is limited to 3,000 pieces and will cost you $4,300. It's a standard Chronograph encased in a 44-mm steel case with tasteful Mario Kart references, including a black and polished ceramic tachymeter bezel with the Mario Kart logo. The data window also showcases classic Mario Kart items such as the banana and the bullet bill.

The other one, the Chronograph Tourbillon, is even rarer with just 250 pieces made and it's going to cost you $25,600. This expensive timepiece comes with a larger 45-mm case made out of an even more impressive grade 5 titanium material that's engraved with the number of the watch.

Mario Kart Tag Heuer Watches
Nintendo's previous Tag Heuer watch was so nice that they decided to double down.

Nintendo will start selling the Chronograph model on the 20th to those who will sign up for the early access sale on the 17th. There's no word on when the Chronograph Tourbillon model will go on sale.

Speaking of Nintendo, an employee recently "confirmed" that the mythical chip for the still-unannounced Nintendo Switch Pro model exists. Fans are now twiddling their thumbs while they wait for Nintendo to formally announce the highly anticipated mid-cycle Switch upgrade.

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