Mario Golf: Super Rush getting New Donk City DLC

The positively received but content-bare Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting its first major update with a ranked mode and New Donk City.

Would you be surprised to hear that Mario Golf: Super Rush is actually the sixth Mario Golf game? A true polymath of our time, Mario has dabbled in all sorts of sports and activities. Super Rush for the Switch launched earlier this summer to little fanfare, and is now getting its first major DLC.

At launch, Mario Golf: Super Rush was met with positive responses, just... not many. A rather niche title developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo, Super Rush found its audience - it snagged the top selling slot in Japan on launch week - but left many questioning the longevity of the game due to its relatively low amount of content. This new update is seeking to remedy that.

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The free update adds a new course based on the New Donk City location from Super Mario Odyssey alongside some other gameplay additions. Toadette joins the roster of characters players can pick, and a new Ranked mode has been added for the more dedicated players out there.

Rising up in the new Ranked mode will unlock special rewards, like the ability to change Yoshi's color if you manage to hit A- or above. This new mode is bound to keep players hooked on Super Rush for a while longer, and we eagerly await Mario Golf's meteoric rise in the e-sports industry.

A number of technical improvements are also bundled up in this free update for all owners of Mario Golf: Super Rush. The main talking point here is the refined and improved motion controls, the inclusion of which was praised at launch, but some criticisms about its calibration and sensitivity were brought up. It seems Camelot was keen to polish one of the game's standout features.

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More free updates like this one are on the way for Super Rush throughout the year, likely further expanding the selection of courses, characters and game modes, preventing the title from fading into obscurity too soon.

This update with Toadette, New Donk City and Ranked is out now.

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