Mario Golf Super Rush is on Par With The Announcements

Being from a place where golf is not a very popular sport, I only learned what par, birdie, or boogie was by playing Mario Golf on the Nintendo 64, so seeing this game brought a refreshing nostalgia and a desire for endless attempts to make a hole-in-one.

I wish I could jump, swim, kick, swing, fight, tend patients and party like Mario, the man has it all.
I wish I could jump, swim, kick, swing, fight, tend patients and party like Mario, the man has it all.

On the last Nintendo Direct, Mario Golf: Super Rush was announced, the newest game in the sports series starring the company's mascot and his comrades. This is the first game in a golf setting since Mario Golf: World Tour, released in 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game will have traditional gameplay, on a golf course, with clubs, balls, and a hole, right? I think I still remember the rules. Wind strength and the shape of the terrain will also influence your game, so it's time to watch some Tiger Woods videos on Youtube to become a golf master!

In addition to the classic gameplay, Mario Golf: Super Rush introduces several new features. One of them is the ability to use both traditional buttons and motion controls to control their shot. Swing away, but be careful; legends say motion controllers can fly on their own and they have a knack for kissing televisions.

A fine addition for story-lovers is the Story Mode. You play your Mii character, starting as a rookie. You will gain levels after matches to evolve your Mii's skills, allocating status according to your playstyle. Take your fated place among superstars while interacting with the various Mushroom Kingdom figures.

Mario Golf Super Rush Is On Par With The Announcements
It's amazing to be able to customize your character in the game! I would upgrade strength and control to the max so every swing is like a sniper shot.

There is also the Speed Mode, wherein players take their shots at the same time with no interval and must race to find and hit their balls before everyone else. Use dashes, items, and special shots to achieve victory.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be a Switch exclusive scheduled for release on June 25, 2021.

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