Mario creator teases more Nintendo movies in the future

Considering how unexpectedly impressive The Super Mario Bros. Movie turned out to be, we are all for more film adaptations from Nintendo.

No one expected The Super Mario Bros. Movie to be such a huge hit upon release, but now that it is, it should come as no surprise that Nintendo is looking to expand its reach into the film industry.

As per Japanese outlet Nikkei, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is confident that more Nintendo franchises will be adapted into films in the near future. The 70-year-old game designer compared Nintendo to a "talent agency", saying (translated by Nintendo Everything):

Nintendo is like a talent agency. We have plenty of other entertainers. There are many possible ways we could go, such as using characters that would be fit for movies, or very well-known characters.

Although Miyamoto didn't provide any specific details regarding Nintendo's upcoming adaptations, it's highly likely that their current focus will remain on the Mario universe.

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While no official announcement has been made regarding a sequel, the post-credits scene of The Super Mario Bros. Movie hints at a possible sequel featuring Yoshi. Additionally, Jack Black, who voiced Bowser, has expressed interest in a potential sequel that features Pedro Pascal as the voice of Wario, who would serve as the film's primary antagonist.

Zelda would be the perfect second film adaptation project for Nintendo.

Furthermore, there has been speculation that Nintendo is currently developing an untitled Luigi spin-off film, but we're definitely recommending that you treat this rumor with a degree of skepticism.

Regardless, Nintendo fans hope that popular franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox will receive film adaptations in the near future.

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