Mandy Rose's contract with WWE has been terminated

Rose's leaked FanTime videos violated the terms of her WWE contract.

It's been a tough week for NXT star Mandy Rose after her 413-day reign as NXT Women's Champion came to an end at the hands of Roxanne Perez. As if that wasn't enough, WWE fired her a day later.

Mandy Rose

The former member of the WWE Fire and Desire tag team was released from her contract, with WWE citing content on her FanTime page as the reason behind their decision.

Although WWE did not explicitly state what kind of content pushed them into making this decision, it is not a coincidence that Rose's termination came shortly after videos from her BrandArmy premium content paywall were leaked online by an unknown user. The leaked video, which has been doing the rounds online, shows Rose naked in a swimming pool speaking to her FanTime audience, where she operates under the name 'Mandy Sacs.'

Since she was fired, there have been many rumors speculating about when WWE made this decision and if it was a mutual agreement between them and Mandy. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio revealed what he knew of the circumstances surrounding her title loss and subsequent firing, stating:

There was a meeting and Matt Bloom brought to Shawn Michaels, told him some of the stuff that she’s been putting on her subscription service, and told Shawn what was there. And Shawn’s immediate thing was, we got to get the title off of her immediately. Switched around the whole show, got the title off of her.

They had advertised the match for January 10th. They might have done the title change, it would have been either January 10th or February 4th. I believe they were gonna do the title change, that Perez was going to win the title. But it was not going to be [this week]. Then of course right after they got the title from her, then they fired her. So, that’s what happened.

She’s had the subscription service and it got popular and lucrative. She went further and further, and the feeling was that she way, way, way crossed the line. They believe that they had absolutely no choice but to get rid of her in that situation...they promised sponsors a cleaner product as far as who the people are.

Regardless of what transpired, according to PW Insider, Mandy posted a response to her fans on her FanTime page, saying:

Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up! 😉

On social media, the wrestling world reacted to this shocking news with a wave of support for Mandy. Some of her former colleagues, such as NXT's Gigi Dolin and AEW's Saraya (better known as Paige during her time in WWE), also expressed their support, with the latter having been a victim of leaked photos back in 2017.

Rose Absolution
The Absolution trio dissolved in 2020 when Sonya Deville betrayed Mandy Rose.

The 32-year-old wrestler, whose real name is Amanda Rose Saccomanno, began her career as a bodybuilder before transitioning into professional wrestling in 2015.

After signing a contract with WWE, Mandy made her debut in 2017 under the NXT brand as part of the Absolution trio, which also consisted of Paige and Sonya Deville. In 2021, she formed the tag team Toxic Attraction with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, and in October of the same year, she won the NXT Women's Championship, her first wrestling title, after taking down Raquel Gonzalez.

As a free agent, Mandy Rose is free to join competing wrestling promotions such as All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling.

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