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Below is our recommended MAC-10 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The MAC-10 is the leading SMG in Warzone. It is powerful and does some serious damage. Its Time-To-Kill (TTK) is really good at close to medium range and if you're looking to run an SMG with your Sniper Rifle or an AR, then MAC-10 should be your go-to weapon. It's a great "run-and-gun" weapon that allows for increased mobility.

The class setup below focuses on creating a well-handled MAC-10 as this gun has very high recoil. But, the attachments shown below will help you achieve minimal recoil. Once mastered, the MAC-10 is a great back-pocket gun. We highly encourage you to start using this weapon if you haven't already.

For this class setup, you must rank up your MAC-10 to at least level 51. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

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For the Muzzle attachment, the SOCOM eliminator is a no-brainer. This attachment helps significantly when it comes to recoil control and overall handling of your weapon. It gives better vertical recoil control and conceals your muzzle flash when shooting.

The SOCOM Eliminator unlocks at level 38.


The 6.5" Rifled Barrel attachment is currently the best barrel simply because of its increased effective damage range and a hidden buff - better recoil control. Although it is not mentioned in the attachment description in any form, it provides better recoil control.

The 6.5" Rifled Barrel unlocks at level 39.


For the Underbarrel attachment, choose the Field Agent Grip. This Underbarrel attachment gives both vertical and horizontal recoil, which means even more recoil control, adding on to the recoil control from the SOCOM eliminator and the hidden buff provided by the 6.5" Rifled barrel, making your overall recoil minimal.

The Field Agent Grip unlocks at level 41.


The fire rate of MAC-10 is high. You will be running out of bullets left and right, and the stock ammo capacity isn't going to cut it. You must choose the 53 rounds ammo attachment. You can either go with the drum or the fast mag. We recommend you go for the Salvo 53 round Fast Mag for obvious reasons. It allows you to reload faster.

It does decrease your ADS speed, but the effect is insignificant. You won't even feel the decrease as the MAC-10 already has a fast ADS speed.

The Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag unlocks at level 51. The STANAG 53 Rd Drum unlocks at level 34.


For the Stock, you can go with two options - SAS Combat Stock or Raider Stock. They both are great, and the only difference is the SAS Combat Stock provides better shooting move speed while the Raider Stock gives better ADS speed. Both of these stocks also give increased aim walking movement speed in addition to their previously mentioned buffs.

For this setup, we went with the SAS Combat Stock. The SAS Combat Stock and The Raider Stock unlock at levels 45 and 54, respectively.

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