M3GAN garners incredibly high Rotten Tomatoes ratings

The new horror film by Universal Pictures features an AI doll that goes rogue and murders everyone it sees as a threat to its companion.

M3GAN, the new horror flick by Universal Pictures, has proven very popular with Rotten Tomatoes critics with a rating of 94% on the Tomatometer. The rating is based on votes by 182 critics at the time of this writing, which points to most critics rating it positively.

m gan rotten tomatoes
M3GAN scored incredibly high ratings with critics.

M3GAN set the internet ablaze when its first trailer dropped in October. The film trended on Twitter with many people interested due to its exciting premise. However, while horror flicks often get high ratings on the Tomatometer, M3GAN’s high rating is a little surprising given its story, which is silly and humorous when compared with most of the other highly rated horror films which are highbrow and artsy.

Here are what some critics say of the film:

William Bibbiani from The Wrap, wrote, "Johnstone’s film captures the same alchemical blend of heart, humor, and havoc you find only rarely, in crossover classics like ‘Gremlins,’ and it yields more entertainment than most would-be blockbusters."

Mashable’s Kristy Puchko, had the following to say: "Hold onto your wigs, because the next queer monster has arrived, and she’s got better rhythm than the Babadook."

Entertainment Weekly also had an ultimately positive review for the film stating, "A scampering Blumhouse caper that turns out to be blithely self-aware, negligibly jump-scary, and mostly very fun."

Finally, Steven Prokopy from Third Coast Review, stated, "M3GAN is a real treat and a genuinely surprising, quality movie in the dumping ground that is the first week of the year. Lucky us."

m gan rotten tomatoes
Since its viral marketing in 2022, audiences have looked forward to its release and it hasn't disappointed.

By the way, M3GAN is less popular with audiences than with critics. At the moment, the film has a 79% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score from over 1,000 verified participants. However, when compared with 2022 horror movies, its audience rating is still impressive and is on par with the highest audience score rating among all 2022 horror flicks.

M3GAN is a science fiction horror film directed by Gerald Johnstone and produced by Jason Blum and the legendary horror creator James Wan. Apart from the critical acclaim it enjoys, it has proved popular with audiences and has grossed $45.7 million from a budget of $12 million over the few days of its release.

M3GAN tells the story of an artificially intelligent humanoid doll M3GAN (an acronym for Model 3 Generative Android) as she attempts to care for her human companion Cady. But, as she develops self-awareness, she becomes overly protective and will go to any length to defend her relationship with Cady.

M3GAN stars Amie Donald as the titular character while Jenna Davis provides the voice. It also stars Alison Williams, Violet McGraw, Jen Van Epps, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jack Cassidy, Ronny Chieng, Lori Dungey, and Amy Usherwood as Gemma, Cady, Tess, Cole, Brandon, David Lin, Celia, and Lydia respectively.

Speaking of, M3GAN’s scriptwriter, Akela Cooper, recently stated that she wrote a gorier version of the film, which she hopes Universal Pictures will release someday.

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