More proof that Lucid Games might be working on Twisted Metal

Most are speculating that Lucid Games' "first-party flagship AAA" is Twisted Metal.

The last we saw of Twisted Metal was in 2012 when Eat Sleep Play released Twisted Metal for the PS3. Since then, we haven't heard a peep about the franchise. However, according to recent sightings and reports, Sony might have just entrusted one of its most beloved franchises to Lucid Games.

Lucid Games Working On Twisted Metal
After Destruction AllStars, Lucid probably already has learned a thing or two about making a better game.

Did Sony just hand the Twisted Metal over to Lucid?

Lucid Games Working On Twisted Metal
If we're being honest, a reskinned Destruction AllStars game with Twisted Metal's aesthetics wouldn't be half bad.

Lucid Games is a video game developer based in Liverpool. Despite having been around for around a decade, Lucid doesn't have too many big names to its name. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is Goal Simulator, which it helped port to other platforms back in 2015. Meanwhile, Lucid's latest title, Destruction AllStars, didn't make that big of a splash when it was released for the PS5 earlier this year.

Having said that, several signs indicate that Sony has trusted Lucid with the Twisted Metal franchise.

In an earlier report, we covered speculation about how Lucid is reportedly working on a new Twisted Metal game. Now, someone just spotted an updated profile of a Lucid Games employee. Many believe that the new information is related to Lucid's unannounced Twisted Metal game.

The unnamed Technical Designer over at Lucid shows details about how he has worked on an "unannounced First-Party Flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation" from August 2020 to October 2021. This doesn't necessarily confirm Lucid's involvement with the Twisted Metal franchise. However, it is an odd coincidence. What is also interesting is that the employee only just updated his profile, which might suggest that an announcement is coming very soon.

Unfortunately, there's no way to confirm this right now. Neither Sony nor Lucid has confirmed Lucid's connection with Twisted Metal. But, if Sony were to trust another studio with the aforementioned series, Lucid isn't a bad choice. As much as most might not remember Destruction AllStars, it did evoke memories of Twisted Metal albeit in a more colorful package.

In other Twisted Metal news, the series is confirmed to come back big with a TV series. Anthony Mackie is reportedly taking on a lead role in the upcoming Twisted Metal TV series.

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