Lost Ark MMO: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Story, and More

The Lost Ark MMO title is headed West courtesy of Amazon Game Studios.

Amazon Game Studios is bringing Lost Ark from South Korea to North America and Europe.

The top-down Korean MMORPG's western arrival was announced at the Summer Game Fest at E3 2021, with Amazon Game Studio bringing it over as a free-to-play title.

If this is your first time hearing or seeing Lost Ark, one way to summarize its gameplay is that it has a lot of similarities with the Diablo games. The main difference, of course, is that it's an MMORPG. Not to mention, it looks like the dark fantasy story of Lost Ark won't just include swords and axes, but also guns as well, with large beasts like dragons for you to take down.

With that said, if you'd like to learn more about Lost Park before its release in Fall 2021, we've got you covered.

Is There a Lost Ark MMO Trailer?

After months of weeks and speculations, the Summer Games Fest Kickoff Event last June 10 saw the first Lost Ark trailer release ahead of its western launch.

The 2-minute trailer paints a medieval fantasy picture with a story that revolves around a world in conflict due to the reemergence of a sinister being. However, the trailer isn't all dark and bleak. In fact, it treats audiences to picturesque views of the blue seas, albeit with the occasional glimpse of the catacombs and battlefields filled with dragons and giants that you'll be fighting against.

As for the story, the overarching narrative seems to revolve around the search for the mythical and titular Lost Ark that holds the key to putting an end to all the demons.

When is the Lost Ark MMO Release Date?

Can you just imagine how much effort it would to take down a dragon that size?

In an earlier statement released in August 2020, Amazon only promised a "next year" release date for Lost Ark. Fast forward to June 2021 and we now know that Lost Ark has a Fall 2021 release window. Unfortunately, an exact date has not been announced yet. However, Amazon did hold a Closed Technical Alpha Test for Lost Ark that lasted from June 11 to June 16.

If you're interested, we recommend clicking here and keeping an eye out for the next Closed Technical Alpha Test.

What’s the Lost Ark MMO Gameplay?

Lost Ark looks a lot like what Diablo would if it were an MMORPG.

Lost Ark will feature 14 different classes at launch that fall under five different categories: Warrior, Gunner, Martial Artist, Mage, and Assassin.

Each class will have its own special ability and state distribution that gives players a unique advantage depending on a particular situation. The game will also feature a Tripod system that is composed of three customization tiers that let players define the abilities and combat style of their characters in traditional ARPG style.

Outside of combat, Lost Ark will also have some crafting and other skills to learn, as well as social systems and guilds for you to join.

Will Lost Ark MMO Have Microtransactions?

Yes. Just like every other free-to-play title, Lost Ark will have microtransactions. However, judging from the Korean release, as well as in other regions, most of these microtransactions will either revolve around cosmetics and specific advantages.

In the case of the latter, the advantage won't be unique to paying players as it will not contain abilities or weapons that allow players who spend money in Lost Ark to outperform those that don't.

Is Lost Ark MMO Pay to Win?

In a traditional sense, a game that is "Pay to Win" gives gamers who spend more money a bigger advantage compared to those.

In this way, Lost Ark is not P2W, as it is often referred to. It's not as straightforward though. In terms of PvP combat, the Korean version of Lost Ark is 100% equalized. Even if you pay, you have zero advantage outside of added cosmetics. However, costumes that you can use outside of PvP are a different story as they can give you stat bonuses and you can level them up.

Lost Ark will also feature other paid elements such as:

  • Buying pets that auto-loot and give stat bonuses (only applies to high-level pets)
  • Beatrice Blessing is a Premium service that gives players more exp, a free portal, faster ships, an additional teleport slot, and more
  • Extra loot at the end of weekly dungeons
  • Level Skip tickets that let you skip and jump levels by buying

In a sense, Lost Ark is P2W in that you can spend money to get to where you want to go much faster. However, even if you don't spend money, you can still get everything else that paying players can. It's just that it will take you a bit longer to do this.

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