Rockstar Games releases Los Santos Drug Wars update for Grand Theft Auto Online

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update brings a new "trippy" storyline and many other goodies into the game.

The Los Santos Drug Wars has launched, encouraging every Grand Theft Auto Online player to get into the world of manufacturing and delivering psychedelics as well as protect of their own turf.

los santos drug wars grand theft auto online
The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update is a trippy and zany as can get.

The Los Santos Drug Wars will ask players to work together with the Fooliganz, a crew of chemists and drug runners. But, as this is a full-on drug war, GTA Online players will need to watch their back. The Last MC and several others involved in the drug trade will attempt to challenge you, as you try to monopolize Los Santos' drug trade.

If it's any consolation, the Fooliganz aren't pushovers. Their leader, Dax, is a repeat criminal, while Luchadora and Labrat are equally capable. Then there's Ron, who you might know as Los Santos' resident conspiracy theorist. Somehow, we're surprised Ron didn't just pull in Trevor Philips considering he runs Trevor Philips Enterprises.

In any case, assisting these shady and goofy bunch of delinquents will net you double the GTA$ and RP as part of the missions' debut.

los santos drug wars grand theft auto online
Don't forget to redeem this free vehicle from December 16-18.

Your time with the Fooliganz will also grant you an MTL Brickade 6x6, which is based on the MAN TGS 26.480 6x6 Expedition Truck, and a Maibatsu Manchez Scout C motorcycle, GTA's take on the 500cc KTM. More missions and supplies are also available inside the Freakshop, the Fooliganz's HQ, where you can also customize your newly acquired vehicles.

If you're looking for an investment, you can buy the Acid Lab upgrade at the Freakshop. Finally, doing more missions for Dax, which are called Fooliganz Jobs, will also grant double the usual rewards.

As usual, Rockstar Games added more than the usual round of fresh missions to GTA Online. As this is technically the game's winter update, you can expect to see more winter variety clothes. New rides are also available in GTA Online. Also, don't forget, you can pick up the new Declasse Tahoma Coupe Muscle car (inspired by the real-life Chevelle Malibu SS) from December 16-18 as part of the game's heist challenge celebrations.

los santos drug wars grand theft auto online
You just got a boatload of new reasons to go and play GTA Online as well as to keep on playing it.

Keep in mind that this is the first in a line of incoming big updates for GTA Online. We hope more quality-of-life improvements are coming as well.

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